D.I.Y. Websites vs Professional Pay Monthly Websites Pt.2

DIY websites vs pay monthly websites

Small business owners and startup businesses will be acutely aware of the importance of having a professional  presence on the internet, a great marketing tool. With the amount of other things to think about, in our experience, a website can be put on the back-burner and end up seeming like a nagging thing that needs to be done, but there never seems to be the time to commit. This is where pay monthly packages can really assist; no huge outlay of money, just bite-sized monthly payments, with the professionalism of a team who know what they are talking about. 

Low-Risk with Pay Monthly Websites

With a pay monthly model, most of the risk actually falls on the provider, rather than yourself. You pay no upfront costs, which can be crippling at the start of a business. Instead, manageable monthly payments allow you to have a professional website built, as well as the added bonus of support, monthly updates and other additional services such as SEO, content writing and other online marketing skills for you to benefit from.

No Carbon-Cutout Websites Here

Providing an individual and unique design for each and every client is at the heart of what we do. We take  the time to learn about each and every business, the goals and objectives, style, image, tone of voice; it’s this that allows a creative and bespoke approach to be adopted for each client project. Working closely with each client allows you  to express likes and dislikes, and specifically what content you are wanting to be included.. The Web Developer does the rest, in constant communication,, to and from until the website is ready to launch.

An income-stream through e commerce

For many businesses, their website can become an additional income stream. The developer can implement everything needed to facilitate this, Usually, including the configuration and installation of a shopping cart and a checkout with various payment gateway options.  With a small amount of products this can usually be achieved using our regular CMS (content management system), but for businesses with a larger amount of products, we are now offering pay monthly ecommerce websites built on a platform that allows more functionality - the options are there.

The Whole Package

A huge bonus of setting up a website with a pay monthly package is that you will receive support, skills, knowledge and assistance when you need it. All you need is your ideas and objectives. Relevant content is important in websites, and content is king when it comes to generating traffic and building a following. If you don’t have any content this is something else that we could help you with.

Support and Hosting

Pay monthly website providers agree to provide support for any issues that affect the site and with a dedicated support email address, you can send questions or updates directly to the team. Having peace of mind knowing that your website is hosted, with backup and security of UKFast means that you can sleep at night.


If you are considering a new website, have even looked into D.I.Y. website builders, but would rather explore the idea of working with a highly motivated, skilled and knowledgeable local team, paying a monthly fee that includes hosting, support, back-ups and that personal touch, then drop us a line at 01865 989 899 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. where we would love to from you.