Creating a Positive Business Culture & Work Environment

Positive Business Culture

If you are starting up a business, setting out your culture at the beginning and nurturing this with your team is massively important in the early days. Consider the atmosphere and ethos that you want to permeate your business, then lay the ground rules.

This doesn’t have to be in a dictatorial fashion, but on the contrary should be an effort to get everyone on board with the way in which you want your business and office to be run. The chances are that if you are a startup, you may only have one or a handful of employees to start with, but in time this will hopefully grow.

Each individual that you employ will have an impact on the team culture and as the owner it is up to you to craft and mould a strong and positive culture.


Having a motto or strapline that your business stands for is a good starting point to direct the type of attitude you wish the business and its employees to display. Many businesses do this and by giving a clear direction of how you view the business it will help to direct your employees on the standards and attitudes that are expected. Defining your values will help you in boosting the company culture.


Having transparency and good means of communication between team members and all levels of the business is a must. For a business to be successful, people are at the core. It is important to empower team members and ensure that they feel valued. With this in place then they will enjoy coming into work each day and feel motivated to perform and do the best they can each day for the business. At the same time, this positive attitude will contribute to the culture of the business.

Review and Reset

Businesses, and especially start-ups are extremely busy, often consumed with many different things. This can have an impact on the culture of the business. It is unlikely that everyone is going to be feeling empowered and motivated every single day, and sometimes events can occur that can upset the apple cart. It is important to review the culture and reset when needed. Regular team meetings, and team objective reviews are vital in keeping each individual on track as well as realigning expectations and the culture that you are striving for.

Office Politics

Gone are the days of individual offices and here to stay are the more inclusive open plan offices. There are many benefits to having an open environment, especially in a creative business such as marketing and design. However, as with any office environments there are always drawbacks.

We all struggle at times to keep on task in an open-plan environment. There are many distractions during the day such as phone calls, tapping keyboards, internal conversations and tea-making, that it is often difficult to concentrate on our work.

There are a few things that you can encourage within your business culture early on that can hopefully minimise these problems and ensure that your office works more effectively.

If an employee feels valued he/she is more likely to perform. As the entrepreneur, Paul Oberschneider said, “Your success is only meaningful if you’re having fun. The people in your business are the most important assets.”

Creating a positive and inclusive working environment is instrumental in your business success. If your employees want to work for you, enjoy their role and environment this will breed positivity which can help in your business success, so set out and mould your business culture early.

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