Benefits of Managed IT Services

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For any business, whether it is a startup or one that is more established, reliable IT services are a necessity in these times. Having a system set-up of email accounts, a server, internal systems, disaster recovery and protection from malware and viruses is something that no business can afford to be without. If you are starting out, it is likely that you will not be in a position to offer a permanent position of this nature internally, so you will need to source a good Managed IT services company who can fulfil these requirements for you.

Choosing a Managed Services Provider (MSP) assures you that the complexities of private, public and hybrid clouds is taken care of, leaving you to get back to your primary focus of your own role. There are many reasons why working alongside an IT Managed Services company such as Krayma Technical Solutions Ltd is such a good idea. Here we take a look at some of these benefits.

Proactive Support

By working with a MSP, you can be assured that your infrastructure will be effectively monitored. Many times they will be aware of a potential problem before you are and can proactively work to resolving any issues. Also, there may be peaks in your business when you expect to have an increase in traffic at certain times of the year, requiring additional capacity. This can be factored into your infrastructure plan to accommodate the demands when required.


With the use of Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) you can be assured of what specific services you will be in receipt of as well as having transparency of the costs involved, leaving no nasty surprises. Service quality, availability and responsibilities are agreed upon within the SLA between the service provider and user. 

Trust and Assurance

IT services are integral and need to be working efficiently in order for a business to continue effectively. By working with an MSP such as Krayma Technical Solutions Ltd,  you can be assured that their expert knowledge and experience can offer the best solutions design and implementation to suit your requirements. Often with technicalities, we don’t necessarily need (or want) to understand the intricacies involved in keeping our IT infrastructures working as they should, however, the important factor is the trust they have in the supplier. Working with a trusted MSP is the best option.

Understand and Recommend

The great thing about working with an MSP such as Krayma Technical Solutions Ltd  is that they have worked with a range of different businesses, covering a variety of needs and requirements. They have the knowledge to understand your particular business and are able to offer a bespoke IT solution to fit your needs.

Managed Support

Do your research as many MSPs can offer managed support packages,  taking all the risk of your IT & network issues, leaving you to run your business. Often these packages involve other features. For example, Krayma’s Managed Support packages come with Helpdesk, Remote Management and Anti-virus as standard, all controlled from their NOC (Network Operation Centre). This ensures that you have ultimate productivity within your company in terms of IT connections, avoiding downtime.

Network Support

Having a company offering network support is often a popular service requirement. This allows the MSP to monitor your network health and provide support to resolve any network or connectivity issue. It is advisable to work with a single support partner as it enables you to keep your network running securely, efficiently and safely. Often the company will troubleshoot and deal with unexpected network issues, ensure a consistently performing network and above all minimise company downtime, which in turn increases the productivity within the workplace.

Hardware and Software

One of the liberating things about working with a trusted MSP is that you are able to choose your level of service. They are able to monitor hardware and software health status by using Remote Management & Monitoring solutions and can also provide alerts when devices are out of tolerance. 

Future Proofing

Managed IT Service providers such as Krayma Technical Solutions Ltd are in the know about the best ways to ensure that the infrastructure of your business is resilient in a fast-changing arena. This can help to ensure that you avoid serious problems that could otherwise occur.

If you would like to find out more about what Krayma Technical Solutions Ltd can offer you and your business, you can contact them on 01993 224400 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.