Taking Care of Business

Mike Walentek, owner of South West Bookkeeping Co Ltd first met with Clever Business Websites back in 2013 at a Trade Show. Mike became a client for 2 years and enjoyed a favourable experience. However, in 2015 he was enticed away for an interesting offer that unfortunately didn’t deliver what he was hoping for.

Fast forward to July 2018 and Mike decided to get back in touch with Clever Business Websites to discuss having a brand new website and SEO services with the intention of really lifting the business through the search engines and generating new business in his area.

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Increase Brand Awareness

Mike was keen to have a new website that not only looked the part, but also worked for him to increase the business and public awareness. We worked with Mike to create a new fresh website that did just that. Clear, concise and relevant content coupled with a great design gave Mike a new site that clearly outlined what his business has to offer. By the time it was completed just 4 weeks later, we had also worked extensively on the SEO in the back of the site to make sure that the website would do exactly what Mike was hoping for, moving him up the ranking in Google and raising awareness of his business.

Exciting times

Mike recently decided to manage the transition from a self-employed freelancer, working on site, to a “work from home” bookkeeping practice. Should the demand be there he may also look to employing other freelancers within an agency type format in the future.

What South West Bookkeeping said...

What South West Bookkeeping said...

“Having been disappointed by the outcome of failed expensive advertising campaigns, I turned back to my tried and trusted experiences with Clever Business Websites to see what they could offer. I was pleased to find fixed price packages that met with my budgetary requirements, and so have asked them to produce a brand new website. I am delighted with what they have produced for me, and look forward to taking my business to the next level, with their ongoing marketing support.”