When did you first meet with CBW?

I first met with CBW around the end of January 2019.

How did you hear about us?

I'd known about CBW for a little while and had recommended them to others. When my own website was due a refresh they were my first port of call. 

What were you looking for in your website, what did you hope to achieve?

As a marketing consultant, I often advise clients on how their websites are the shop front for their businesses and, thus, how important it is to really reflect your brand and values. That's exactly what I needed! It didn't need to be technically clever, I don't sell through my site, but it did need to really show off the quality of content, design, and branding that I talk about to my clients. 

What made you choose CBW over another web design company?

Firstly, they are a lovely bunch of people to work with. Very accommodating and always full of ideas and suggestions. Secondly, I like the way I can spread the cost rather than stumping up a lump sum. Thirdly, their model allows me to have a regularly updated site that gets refreshed in 2 years and with minimum hassle to me - they take care of it all. It's pretty much a no brainer in my opinion!

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How has the website helped your business?

Well, for a start I now have a website I am proud to tell others about! But seriously, it's a site that now truly reflects my business and spotlights how I can help clients. It's a dynamic example of my capabilities.

What is in store for the coming year?

B Engaging is growing and with the new site as my showcase I can pitch to larger clients and really expand my portfolio.

What B Engaging said...

What B Engaging said...

“CBW offer the perfect website solutions. They make the whole process a pleasure and are genuinely supportive and helpful. I have a fantastic website that I know will be regularly updated and refreshed to keep it current and I get to spread the cost into affordable chunks. I can't recommend Andy and the team highly enough.”