B2B Website Checklist: Beyond the Obvious

B2B website checklist

What makes for a good B2B website from an SEO, user and marketing perspective? Well firstly — banish bland corporate pronouncements and vague promises and focus on addressing your customers directly instead. Opt for a website that is lean and optimised for users and performance instead. These B2B website pointers will take you beyond the basics so that you can deliver high quality client experiences (and before we start, please make sure that your site is SEO-optimised).

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How to tidy up your LinkedIn presence

linkedin icon

Our Resources Guest Article comes from Graham Aikin of HNW Social Media Solutions Ltd

Over the course of the last 12 months, you may have found yourself connecting with people you don't know, adding sections to your profile that are no longer relevant, as well as a whole multitude of other LinkedIn activities which you have no recollection of doing! So here is my checklist for tidying up your LinkedIn presence:

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Supplier Relationship Management


Our Resources Guest Article comes from Managing Director and Entrepreneur Michael Richards

We have heard over many years, of the importance of ‘CRM’, Customer Relationship Management.  Indeed it’s supported a whole software market and seen major global brands emerge.  But we hear very little about the importance of managing supplier relations.

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Recruitment and the EU Referendum

Our Resources Guest Article comes from Christine Dyckes, Director & Finance Specialist at Avatar Recruitment

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New (Tax) Year resolutions

new tax

Our Guest Article this month comes from Bernard Crumlish, Management Accountant at webexpenses

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For any accountants who have been preparing their end of tax year reports, the last few months are likely to have been pretty stressful. However, there are many things that accountants can implement as we head into the new financial year to make their lives easier when they come to prepare their documentation again in March 2017.

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Is it ever OK to read employees emails?

employees email

Our Guest article this month comes from Melanie Guy, HR and Operations Manager at 2nd Head Consulting.

Following a recent ruling by The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) it was reported in the press that employers can read private messages which employees send using chat and email accounts. However, the ruling by The ECHR does not mean that the fundamental rules regarding ‘spying’ in the workplace have changed and so the recent press reports should be read with a degree of caution; and beyond the headline.

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