The Importance of Online Reviews


With any business, the hope is to create a good impression on your customers, providing a good service and/or product that will ultimately result in a happy customer who has a high opinion of your company. One of the most important things that businesses have always benefited from is word-of-mouth to raise awareness. However, never before has this become such an integral and powerful tool in the digital age. Given easy platforms, such as social media or review websites, we as consumers are more keen than ever before to give our opinion and share experiences of a business or service that we have received or experienced, be it negative or positive.

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21st Century Customer Service

21st Century Customer Service


Highlighting the importance of customers (and potential customers) in every business is the key to success or failure. As a result of this anyone in a customer serving business will have heard the famous quote ‘customer is king’. 


With this in mind, it shows your company’s goal to ensure that good customer service is given to all. However, it is not good enough to just claim to take this stance -  with advances in technology and changing patterns of business environments and customer attitudes, now more than ever you need to be able to walk  the walk not just talk the talk when it comes to customer service.

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Part 6: Customer service mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Customer Service Mistakes

Savvy companies understand and value the importance of customer service. They recognise that providing excellence in customer service is a sure-fire way of keeping customers loyal and getting them to buy from you again. And if you’ve got high customer retention, then that will also benefit your business’ bottom line.

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Part 5: Breaking the norms – customer service today and in the future

Customer Service today and in the future

It’s a common phenomenon and one you give us feedback on regularly. Whether you run a large or a small business, most of your customers are more demanding than ever. These 21st century patrons of yours are armed with more information than they’ve ever had before. They communicate, share and comment on that information through rapidly expanding social media communities. They also have more options, more choice, and their expectations of the service you provide are rising all the time. 

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Part 4: Measurement & metrics – what gets measured, gets managed!

measurements & metrics

Customer service is just one important component making up a successful business, but how do you know if your interactions with your customers are hitting the mark? Measuring your customer service is a vital step to ensuring consistency and quality in all your company's dealings with that crucial stakeholder – the people that buy your goods or services.

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Part 3: Online tools to improve your customer service

Online Tools for Customer Service

On the one hand, it’s great for a customer to be just a mouse click away from being able to get in touch with you about your (hopefully amazing!) service. This can be positive news when you’re doing things right. Your customers will want to share their experiences with everyone they know, through word of mouth and social media.

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Part 2: Which Comes First, Customers or Employees?


You’ve no doubt heard the argument – and its one which raises its head every now and again. Should you, as a business owner, be chasing revenues and profits, always with an eye to shareholder value? Or is it more worthwhile to focus instead on being the best you can be for your employees and custodians of the environment?

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