Gender Pay Gap Research from SAGE

Gender Pay Stats

For the past 12 months, in the run-up to new legislation, the gender pay gap has been at the forefront of discussions in business and of how organisations must work to close the gap as they scramble to report their figures.

Since April 2018, all employers with 250 employees or more are required to publish their gender pay gap data every year.

But, what actually is the gender pay gap, what can we do to address any imbalance and what does it mean for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)?

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The Serial Entrepreneur’s 5-Point Guide On How To Flip Your Way To Success

5-point guide for serial entrepreneur

You can build up more equity in a property, and sell it on for profit a few years down the line. You can buy old furniture, and tune it up for sale. You can even buy cars, fix them up; and then sell them on for more than you bought them for.

Well, did you know that you can also flip ecommerce stores and websites in the same way? All you need is a bit of imagination and some know-how to flip your way to web success. Building great websites and businesses, and then selling them on, is a great way for the serial entrepreneur to keep things interesting.

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Part 6: The Struggle with Expenses Management


Part of running a successful business is not being stuck in your ways and being open to new ideas and methods of doing necessary tasks. One such area is that of expenses management. Businesses have always had to have some sort of expense claim process and policy in place, but these have not always been easy-to-use and as straight-forward as we would hope. With an increase in business travel and mileage claims in recent times, how can you be sure that your expense management process is working in an effective way? Is is possible to streamline this into a user-friendly system? Are you paying out more than you should be?

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Part 5: Effective Public Speaking, Part 2

public speaking

Last month we looked at Effective Public Speaking in terms of Audience, Content and Preparation. This week we continue with Delivery and Interaction...


The knowledge that you have prepared well is a great boost in confidence when delivering your presentation.  But a few practical things can help too:

  1. Do not drink much alcohol – with all activities, alcohol tends to hinder performance.  Any expected reduction in nervousness is offset by this.
  2. Make sure that you have eaten something.  Low blood sugar level will exaggerate any anxiousness.
  3. If possible, in advance, take a good look at the stand/stage that you will speak from.  It helps later, if it is familiar to you.
  4. As for the physical responses to speaking to a large group, sip water immediately before and during your presentation.  Have the confidence to pause for a sip at a convenient point, perhaps after a strong message.  And don’t apologise for pausing.

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Part 4: Effective Public Speaking, Part 1

public speaking

The opportunity to speak at a conference or other gathering can be a way to achieve great exposure for your business.  But for most people the idea is rather intimidating.

Fear Factor

Presentations cause a degree of fear in most people.  For some peculiar reason, when faced with speaking for twenty minutes to even a relatively small group, most of us feel tense.  There is probably a physiological reason for this as the symptoms are similar for most of us; dry throat, increased heart rate, slight feeling of anxiety.  But as will all symptoms, it’s possible to deal with them effectively and deliver a well-prepared speech or presentation without too much trauma.  Some people seem to genuinely not experience these effects but most do.  And that doesn’t mean that you’re a poor speaker.  It can simply mean that you care about your presentation being well received.

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Part 3: The rules of engagement

rules engagement

How often have you heard business people say ‘I just can’t find the staff’?  They bemoan the fact that many people can’t spell and aren’t numerate or perhaps that they ‘don’t want to work hard’.  For many in business, one of the key problems to be overcome is that of staffing.

In these changing times, it seems that employee engagement is the holy grail for businesses. Indeed, encouraging employees to love your business is one of the toughest challenges. 

But why is engagement so troublesome and why do we get it so wrong? Here are some of the errors and how to avoid them.

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