When is the optimum time to share on social media?

Social Media Sharing

Absolutely everyone is online now, more than ever, including every kind of business and community and with social media being such a useful free marketing platform it is so important to make sure that your key messages are posted at times where you are likely to have the most engagement. Raising your profile and in turn hopefully resulting in an increase in business and productivity.

Even with many people working increased hours, it is impossible to be online at all times. Even if you outsource your social media activity to a third party, they are not going to necessarily be available at the key times that you would like your messages to be posted. A huge part of social media scheduling is actually having an idea of the best times and days you are likely to have the most engagement, which is what we are going to further explore in this article.

Trial and Error

If you are unsure about which times are the best for you to share on social media, there are options out there. Using a link shortener, such as ow.ly via Hootsuire or bit.ly will allow you to track the engagement with your links, finding out how many people click through.  This will in turn enable you to keep track of the time that your message is shared, which social media platform it was shared on, and how many interactions that message has received. By going through this process you will be able to  subsequently determine which times of the day are the best to reach your audience, as well which network is working more successfully for you. Posting at different times at first, will then give you an idea of your optimum times of engagement, and following this you will be able to schedule further messages with these timescales in mind.

Social Media tools

There are many time-saving social media tools that can optimise your scheduling in a much more streamlined way, removing the need to post yourself at a particular time in the working day. Having an active social media presence is of course paramount in this day and age, but reporting and tracking your engagement is an important part of evaluating what is and isn’t working for you, and evolving your social media marketing strategies accordingly. There is no point in wasting valuable time on posting your messages when they are not having much impact. SocialBro, a paid for service for instance, will provide you with daily reports on the best times to tweet. It’s a mine of information on when the greatest percentage of the twitter community, not just your followers, is online. 

Hootsuite also has a useful auto-scheduling tool that will schedule your posts and tweets across your chosen social media networks at the best times to reach your particular target audience.

There are also a whole host of free resources available explaining when to post on social media. There has been a great deal of research done into this area, as it is such a key aspect of marketing now.

When is the optimum time to share on social media?

To maximise your reach each time that you post a message on social media, it is recommended that posting on the following key times will increase your engagement.


The best time between 1–4 pm late into the week and on weekends.

18% higher engagement on Thursdays, Fridays and 32% higher engagement on Saturdays

Saturday and Sunday at 12–1 pm

Thursday and Friday at 1–4 pm

Wednesday at 3 pm

To generally increase your shares and clickthroughs you should post at 1 pm, 3 pm and 9 am


The optimal times to tweet are 12–3 pm with a peak best time at 5 pm

During the workweek is the best, though some niches might have more active audiences on the weekend.

It is also worth noting that B2B perform 15% better within business hours, with B2C performing 17% better at the weekends.

Wednesday at midday and 5–6 pm

Monday–Friday at 12–3 pm and 5pm

To generally increase retweets and clickthroughs you should post at 5–6 pm, midday and 3pm


Saturdays is the optimum day for reaching Pinterest users and later at night.

Saturdays at 8–11 pm and Fridays at 3 pm are key with other generally popular times being between 8–11 pm with a peak at 9 pm,  between 2–4 am, between  2–4 pm and between 1-3 pm.


LinkedIn posting is optimal during midweek from 5–6 pm

The best times are Tuesday at 10–11 am, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 7:30–8:30 am, 12 pm and 5–6 pm

For the most click throughs you should focus your activity around 5–6 pm, 7–8 am and 12 pm


The beginning of the workday morning is the best time for posting on Google+ especially Wednesday at 9 am and weekdays at 9–11 am

Posting on google + in general is best at 9 am, 11 am and between 12–1 pm.

It is worth noting that interaction from people on Google+ is rather low in general, with 90% off people, simply lurking without intent to engage.

Working on a good base to build your social media presence will help you to position yourself in the most effective way. Each business is unique, so it is worth keeping this in mind as indications of trends rather than hard and fast rules. As with everything, there is likely to be some variations on this.  You should always keep your business offering in mind as well as your brand messages to produce the best social media posts.

If you’re looking for a bit of help and guidance on how best to reach your target audience through social media, then contact us here to find out more.


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