Part 6: Mistakes when blogging

mistakes blog

In the last part of our new free resources series on Online Marketing, we continue to look at Blogs. What should you avoid when writing a blog?

Make content easy to scan 

When reading a blog, people often just like to be able to scan the text and pick out the significant points made. This can be done by

  • Bullet Points 
    Using bullet points of numbering can often assist in taking in the content that we are reading, making it easier to process.

  • Highlight words 
    If you have written a block of text, sometimes it can be daunting for the reader. In order to get your main points across you can highlight important words or phrases to assist, this will also help in scanning the text for information.


There will always be a multitude of other blogs or articles out there on the internet. It is so important to make sure that your blog takes an original stance. You may well have the same opinions as someone else out there, but you need to make your blog your own.

Cite references

As with essay writing it is important that if you have got some information from another source, you must make reference to this. It is important not to copy material from other sources. Don’t cut and paste information from other sites, you will effectively be stealing someone else’s work. By all means, use their copy as a source of reference if it is useful to the point that you are trying to make, but make sure that you credit them somewhere along the way if you are referring to a study they have done for example or some statistics that they have produced.

Stand out with your title

As with newspaper headlines and articles, you are trying to catch the eye of people to read your blog so you need to come up with a catchy title that will do just this. Think about the topic you are writing about, maybe a play on words, or something that will make people want to read on.

Be aware of Legality

When producing content you must be aware of legal issues. General rules of thumb are obvious as in the “real world” like, defamation of character, claiming something is true when it is just an opinion etc. Don’t get too hung up or frightened to blog, but just be aware of what you are writing and how it might impact on others for example, if you are using another individual to make a point.

Encourage Comments and Sharing

It is always a good idea to make your blog available for others to comment on and for them to have the option to share on their own social media. This is obviously a great way to reach more people without you even doing anything more.

Be Current

As mentioned in our previous article on blogging, it is vital to keep your blogging up to date with fresh and quality content. Recently added content will help you to rank higher in search engines, and using keywords related to your business can also benefit you.  Finding out what is trending online can also be beneficial, as you can use this to your advantage – if something in the media is of particular interest at the time you are writing, you could write something around the same subject; there is more chance that it will be of interest if it is already big news in the wider domain.

Check back next month for our new 6 Part Series on Expanding your Business, how to do this, what to consider, what to be aware of and how to make the transition a success.