How to use Social Media as a Marketing Tool - Twitter

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Everyone knows that social media is big news but it is surprising the amount of power that social media actually has. More than ever we have the ability to reach a mass audience with the simple click of a button, and the best part is that most of this is at our fingertips and is absolutely free! 

So, how can you make the most out of your social media, using it as a marketing tool for your business? This week we will concentrate on Twitter, exploring its benefits and the best ways of using it for your social media outreach.

With 313 million monthly users and 120 million unique monthly visitors, Twitter has a huge reach. The power of Twitter is astonishing; we’ve seen in the news, celebrities and big brands creating a storm with posts that have gone “viral”, with millions of retweets, becoming more and more visible across the network. One of the most retweeted posts was a celebrity selfie taken at the Academy Awards in 2014, with 2,279K likes and 3,354K retweets! 

It’s not only celebrities that can use the power of twitter and with more than 15 millions active Twitter users in the UK, it has quickly become the social media platform of choice for many businesses.

What are your objectives?

Firstly it is important to highlight the reasons behind your social media outreach. Are you trying to create awareness of your brand, a promotion or special offer, a blog or resource, an event or to achieve more followers? 

Once you have established what your objectives are you will be able to create relevant media messages, with the right social media platforms for you.

For some businesses, Twitter is the preferred social media platform. Historically, it allows fewer characters per tweet, allows you to tag other businesses in your message as well as including popular hashtags that are relevant to your message or post. Hashtags highlight keywords in your message, and are used to categorise tweets. For example, you may be a management training business and would like to raise awareness around your latest blog post. In this instance it would be beneficial to include a hashtag relevant to the topic such as #managementtraining. This way, anyone who searches for that term in twitter will have a greater chance of seeing your post.

Connecting with your customers and building relationships

Twitter provides a platform to engage with your existing customers as well as the opportunity to build relationships with new ones. You can connect with other businesses and customers by “following” them on twitter, and they in turn will be likely to “follow you” back, expanding your network. Posting updates and tweets that your customers will find useful and of interest can engage people with your business, helping to create a positive image of your business. You should be aware not to “spam” people with too many tweets, as this could hinder any good you may have already done. Be selective about what you are posting, keeping it to the point, relevant, useful and interesting.

Creating Brand awareness

Small to medium businesses and start-ups can really benefit from twitter in helping to create brand awareness. If a business is in its infancy, it is important not to railroad in and bombard people. Having a personal touch to your profile, before introducing your brand logo etc is often the best route in, as people prefer interacting with a person, getting to know the ethos and person behind a brand first. 

Promoting a product or offer

Social media is the ideal place to share information about a new offer, product or service that you are promoting at the time. Advertising through radio, print and TV are very costly, but social media posts can be as successful at getting your business out there to a large audience, for free! Of course paid advertising is also an option within social media and may be something that you decide is worth investing in too, enabling you to directly target a particular sector or market. 

Being aware of competitors

Keeping an eye on your competitors is not a new concept in business, and extends to social media. Being aware of the latest activities of your competitors, will help you to develop your own social media outreach strategy and perhaps you can pick up a few tips as well. 

Boosting your blogs

Many companies have a company blog as part of their SEO strategy. If you have spent the time to write a post, you want to make sure that as many people can read it and be aware of it as possible. By adding links in your tweets you can create awareness as well as direct traffic to your website.

As you can see there are many benefits to using Twitter, it is a simple marketing tool that should be used to create as much of a splash around your business as possible. Keep in touch with things that are happening in your market, sharing other posts when they have a relevance and linking to your business or brand. 

Next time, we will take a look at how you can make the most of your Facebook marketing channel. 


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