Digital Marketing Skills Vital for Small Businesses

Digital Marketing Skills

Having a digital marketing strategy in any business should be a crucial element of your marketing plan. You may not have a huge budget to spend on sponsored ads or other paid for marketing options, but that should definitely not stop you exploring what options there are, and finding the best people to execute your marketing strategy.

With a whole host of marketing technologies, platforms and channels to utilise, it is vital that you have the correct people with the right skill set in these positions, enabling you to drill down into the best options for you and your business to harness. 

There are some key skillsets that you should look to fill within your business, or partner with an agency who can fulfil these needs and requirements. 

Content Marketing

Never underestimate the need for good content, Your website needs content as well as any physical collateral that you have such as brochures, whitepapers and resources, Having someone in this position who understands your objectives, audience, relevance of certain topics and keywords is an important part of marketing your business. The ability to create high-quality and relevant content will help your business to engage and  build trust in your brand. 

A Basic Understanding of CSS/HTML

Having the ability to undertake basic editing on a website with a CSS platform is a useful skill to have. Keeping your website updated with your latest news, resources, images and offers is important, so if you have someone that you can understand this then it will save you a lot of stress. Many people outsource their websites to agencies with these skills. It gives peace of mind that everything is being taken care of by professionals, and there is the option of sending any new information to be added to the site when required.

Automated Marketing Tools

Digital Marketing professionals often have a number of projects, clients or campaigns on the go at the same time, creating the need for organisational and automated tools, to enable messages, social media campaigns, email marketing campaigns to be sent at the most strategic time. This may be a time that you are not in the office, or perhaps you are running an international campaign and it needs to be sent out at a specific time. This can all be easily accomplished with automated tools. 


It is easy enough for anyone to look at their website analytics, but how much sense can you make of the findings on your own. Professional digital marketers will have access to certain tools that allow them to gain a wealth of information that can be used to shape your ongoing digital marketing strategy. Comparing what your competitors are doing online can help you identify what areas you are not covering in your strategy and make changes to address this. Reporting and Analysing this data can then open up a whole range of opportunities, and ultimately help you to see the bigger picture. 

SEO Expertise

For the layman, SEO can seem like a “dark art” or a confusing concept, but professional marketers who work on SEO everyday understand the ins and outs of SEO, what needs to be done to a website to give it the best chance of doing well in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), how to report on these results. SEO takes time, it is a continual process, ever changing depending on what other people are searching for online, popular keywords etc. Having an SEO professional working with you on the “back-end” of your website can bring great results, raising your company profile. Nothing in SEO is a certainty, and it may be that you try a few things to see how they work out, trial and error, before learning the best SEO strategy for your business.

A Strong Team

Making sure that you have a strong team around you to take on these important jobs will ensure that you are covering all of the important areas of your strategy, giving your business the best chance. If you can’t employ people with these skills yourself, looking for an agency who deals with all of these areas is sometimes the easiest option. Having all areas of your digital marketing strategy managed in one place, by professionals who do this for a living should give you confidence and allow you to concentrate on other aspects of the business that you have to deal with yourself.

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