Creating an Online Marketing Strategy

Online Marketing Strategy

Having an effective online marketing strategy should be an important part of your overall marketing strategy. Online  marketing is a great way of reaching more and more people, increasing brand awareness and in the long run, increasing traffic and ultimately leading to further sales. However, embarking on a online marketing campaign doesn’t necessarily lead to guaranteed success, and many businesses rely heavily on their online presence and see their online marketing as a separate entity to their overall marketing strategy which can be detrimental. Here we take a look at the important areas that should be considered when creating an online marketing strategy.

Define Achievable Goals

It is very easy to set the bar high when working on any marketing strategy, as we are projecting where we would like to see the business in the next year for example, but it is important to stay grounded and set out goals that are achievable. Working on a popular marketing model, such as P.R. Smith’s SOSTAC Framework. This can form the bones of your initial discussion around your marketing strategy. . This takes into consideration firstly Situational Analysis, looking at your current position, moving onto your Objectives, where you want to be. Strategy looks at the ways in which you can get from where you are currently, to where you want to be, the Tactics covers the details of what this looks like, moving into the Action, of who will do the work and Control, looking at what success looks like, and if you don’t succeed what are the next steps. Obviously more detail will be needed to move forward, but this can open up the floor for discussion, moving onto the specifics. All of your objectics should be SMART; Specific, Measurable, Aspirational, Realistic and Timed.

Integrated Online Marketing Strategy Communication

It is vital when working on any marketing campaign, whether in print or online, that all of your messages are integrated across the board. It may be that you have many demographics that you are targeting with slightly different messages, but the overall brand message should remain consistent and taking into consideration vision, mission, goals, brand, targets, lifecycle and channels., always including a call to action. There are 4 C’s that you should also remember when creating your messages; be consistent, coherent, complementary and continuous.

Your Website, The Biggest Marketing Tool

Your website is one, if not the  biggest marketing tools that you have at your disposal so it is vital that your brand messages are communicated effectively through your website, continuing to filter out into your social media messages, social media ads and any other online or offline messages you are promoting. 

Social Media Platforms for your Target Market

There is no point ploughing time and money into a Twitter campaign, when your main target market doesn’t use the platform. Finding out where your key target market is on social media will help you to understand where your targeting efforts need to be placed. There are 

so many options available to marketers, who now have the ability to to really drill down into particular demographics especially when it comes to  social media marketing, this should definitely be part of your thinking when it comes to your overall online marketing strategy. 

Monitoring your Efforts

There is no point in running campaigns if you are not monitoring them and their success in terms of inputs, outputs and objectives. Have a clear idea of your objectives at the start, a time for review and you will be able to measure whether your campaign has been a success in terms of engagement, new leads etc.

Marketing in general takes a lot of time to perfect and with so many channels to make use of online these days, it is almost certain that something that you try may not achieve what you had hoped, but having a plan in place and a comprehensive online marketing strategy to monitor and review your outputs will lead to a greater understanding of your market, and what channels work and generate more leads for your business.

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