How to write website words that work

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Our Guest Resources article come from Adrian Barradell from Clarify Copywriting

Six seconds. 

Yep, no more than six seconds. 

According to the experts, that’s the length of time a visitor will take before they decide if they’re going to stay on your website page - or leave your website page.

In this busy digital age we’ve all got very good at ‘skim reading’ and this means your website must not only look stunning and include easy page navigation – it must also use succinct and convincing words.

For example, the words on your homepage should:

  • Make a memorable, warm and human connection
  • Swiftly sum up what you do and how you can help
  • Encourage your visitor to find out more.

The right wording and visual content will then encourage your visitor to keep reading and clicking - and then take them to your call to action.

Here are a few tips to help you write website words that work:

1. Be welcoming

Aim to write as though you’re having an intelligent but relaxed conversation. This will enable your visitor to understand that they’re dealing with real people and not a faceless organisation. 

2. Meet their needs, not yours 

Wherever possible use ‘you’ rather than ‘we’ language - and remember to always highlight how you can help and the benefit you bring.

3. Keep it brief

Aim for up to 40 words for a homepage and 50 to 300 words for each supplementary page.

4. Make it visually easy to read

Bullet points and bold headers make website copy much easier to take in - especially on a small screen.

5. Drive the reader to the call to action

A website’s purpose is often to simply drive the visitor to take the call to action and this may be - purchase a product or pick up the ‘phone and make an enquiry. Don’t therefore lose sight of this aim and the way in which you move your visitor to it. 

6. Make the call to action easy to take

And when you do include a call to action, ensure it is very, very easy to take.

And then with any luck, your visitor will not only stay on your site for longer than six seconds - they’ll also make the effort to contact you!

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