What’s Ecommerce - What You Need to Know

What’s Ecommerce - What You Need to Know

It is safe to say that there is a good chance that you will have purchased items online at some point in your life. Ecommerce is now big business, and something we don’t even consider anymore as out of the ordinary. Ecommerce websites are everywhere and it is the norm to click onto your phone and order your grocery shopping, buy a birthday present, create and order a card, order a takeaway or book cinema tickets. Consumer behaviour has changed greatly over the past 10 years and with satisfaction over online shopping on the increase, only 4% of people report not having shopped online at all!

Ecommerce Figures & Facts

According to Statista, in 2015, the UK had the third largest ecommerce market in the world, with recent estimates placing the value of online retails sales at around £55 billion. Online retail sales have increased greatly over the years from £33.24 billion in 2012 to approximately £60.43 billion in 2016, expecting to exceed £67 billion in 2017. 

With around 87% of UK consumers buying at least one product online in the last 12 months, the market is increasing at a rapid rate. This is forcing businesses to sell their products online if they are not doing so already. Those that are already selling online are having to reexamine their ecommerce websites to ensure that they are able to do what is now expected by online consumers.

Getting it right is an important step when creating an ecommerce website. It is not as simple as creating a site that allows payments to be made. Creating an ecommerce website needs to include design, mobile compatibility, ease of purchase, safety assurances and of course the ability to track every visit, cart abandonment rates and ultimately purchases to create a picture of how your ecommerce business is running. Think of your ecommerce website as your shop front. It needs to entice customers through the door, showcasing your products effectively, ultimately leading to a sale.

Popular online purchases

Some of the most popular online purchases include electronics, phones, computers and digital media such as e-books. Clothing and footwear are the next most popular sector, accounting for almost one-third of online purchases. 48% of people do their grocery shopping online, with 11% of these people purchasing through their mobile device. Online shopping is now an integral part of our world, and retailers are constantly looking to keep up with demands, trends and new technologies allowing ecommerce to continue to grow.

Small retailers can play in big markets

With the increase in ecommerce and online shopping habits on the rise, opportunities have arisen for even the smallest of retailers to make their mark in big international markets. Online businesses generally have lower overheads, meaning larger profits. If you’re able to provide a high quality service and product to your customers then it’s bound to be a winning formula.

Reviews and Customer Service

It has been the same for years, if you receive bad service, you are more likely to shout about it and this is also the case online. Reviews can be the difference between a successful business and  a failing one. If you offer great products, delivery and customer service, you’re likely  to receive positive  reviews from your customers, which act as an assurance to other would-be customers. However, it can have the opposite effect, if customers leave negative reviews this can seriously damage your business online credibility and is likely to deter new customers.  Amazon is a great example of how reviews can make or break business online. Having the opportunity as a customer to view reviews and rate the company yourself after purchasing from a seller gives greater control to the consumer. Customer service has never been so important than in the online world

Venturing into Ecommerce

If you are considering an ecommerce website, it is important not only to have the right ecommerce fundamentals in place, but to also have a dynamic  marketing strategy supporting  it. It is important to track what is and isn’t working so you can  review and make changes where needed. Have clear objectives set out and a motivation to achieve them.

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