Boost your Ecommerce Sales with these 5 simple techniques


With rising ecommerce sites and sales, businesses need to find new and innovative ways of ensuring that customers purchase from their website and return for future purchases. Here we take a look at some ways in which specific ecommerce techniques can assist in this quest.

Abandon Cart Reduction

When shopping online, it is really easy to compare prices of items on one website, compared to another. We often browse an ecommerce site, add an item into our cart and become distracted with something else without completing the purchase. By including an “abandoned cart” strategy, businesses can now easily retarget theses customers, reminding them about the item that remains in their cart and encourage them to return to complete their purchase. You can offer discounts as an incentive to bring them back to the website or try using messaging implying urgency, to encourage a return visit.

Price Competition

With such a lot of competition of online stores all vying for customers, it is important to pitch your pricing right. By using analytics to find out the best pricing pitch, you will be able to target customers in a way that perhaps isn’t the cheapest (which may imply less quality) but isn't unreasonable - pitching in the middle can sometimes be a better option. You will also be able to attract other customers through sales which syncs in to impulse buyers, who may then become returning customers if the experience and product are right.

Value is what counts

Customers are not only looking for value in the products they purchase, but also in the treatment and experience they receive from the company they are purchasing from. Keeping a balance between offers, customer service and quality products is vital in a competitive market. There are plenty of businesses out there, waiting for you to fail, in order to sweep up your customers. Rewards and loyalty schemes, interactions through newsletters, updated blog pages and recommendations can all help to provide additional value to the customer..

Monitor your conversions

Keeping an eye on your conversion rates is vital. Having an awareness of where your conversions are coming from can help you understand where in the process customers are won and lost. Simple additions to a site such as a guest check out functionality can increase conversions rates as it speeds up the checkout process for the customer and removes the unnecessary hassle of creating accounts. 

Jump on the bandwagon

With many global marketing opportunities these days such as black friday and cyber Monday, it is vital to make use of these times to increase your sales. Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter and other times of the year can all be included in marketing offers and promotions that could help your customer gain and retention.

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