21st Century Customer Service

21st Century Customer Service


Highlighting the importance of customers (and potential customers) in every business is the key to success or failure. As a result of this anyone in a customer serving business will have heard the famous quote ‘customer is king’. 


With this in mind, it shows your company’s goal to ensure that good customer service is given to all. However, it is not good enough to just claim to take this stance -  with advances in technology and changing patterns of business environments and customer attitudes, now more than ever you need to be able to walk  the walk not just talk the talk when it comes to customer service.


The Best on Offer


There has been a significant increase in online companies over the last few years, prompting a greater demand for quality services as a result. This adds further  pressure to businesses, creating a situation whereby companies need to consider their staffing and skills in these areas. More jobs may need to be created to take care of this aspect of the business, after all, if your business is slow to react to demanding customers then this will inevitably result in the loss of customers. 

However businesses change and technology advances, one thing remains the same - customers want the best value for their money. This should be taken into consideration in all aspects of your business and development. If your customers are searching for a particular service or product, what price will be reasonable to charge? 


Customer Power


Customers hold a lot of power - if they decide that you are not value for money, don’t offer a good service or customer care they will leave you. “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” If you offend your customers, you will be worse off. With the rise of social media, customers have now come to a position where they are more empowered to make their opinion known. If someone has experienced poor service, they are more likely to comment on on this than to shout about good experiences. Negative comments about a product, business or service spreads quicker than positive ones, and with the vast sounding board of social media, these comments and opinions can go viral in no time at all. 


Don’t be bossy


Aggressive marketing has been shown to actually put people off buying from you. Nobody likes being told what to do. Opinions are more likely to be listened to rather than direct commands to “buy this”. Market Influencers are the people to get on side. If you are recognised by customers and the industry for having a great service then this automatically puts you in a much better position. 


Make their life easier


With an aim to save money and time, it is important that you are accessible to your customers. Save them any hassle and assist them in the areas that they find time consuming. Make it easy for your customers to find the answers they seek. This can be achieved in a variety of different ways, including a troubleshooting section of FAQ on your website, social media, phone and email interactions.  It is important to remember though, that whilst email and social media communication can be useful, as they are instant, picking up the phone and speaking with your customers is still invaluable with  many people still find this interaction extremely important in terms of customer care.


They’re in the driving seat


Your customers are the key to your future - they may have information that could assist you in the development of further products and offerings, as well as shaping future business strategy. By gaining opinions, hearing what customers want, this can help to build a sense of engagement, empowerment and advocacy.

Treating your customers as kings will ensure that your business thrives and doesn’t sink into the muddy waters of the unsuccessful businesses, who failed to see the true value in their customer base. If you didn't have customers you wouldn't have a business left. Make sure you give the great customer service that is owed, helping you to sustain a long-term business relationship. Providing a great service is likely to make loyal customers, who will in turn recommend your services to others, consequently putting your business in a better position in the future.


At Clever Business Websites, we know how important customer service is. We believe that our customers should receive a high quality service each any every time. 


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