Introduction to Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is a free website analytics service which provides you with important information about your websites visitors such as many people have visited your website, most popular pages and how long visitors have stayed on your website. It can also give you an insight into your audience including geographical location, age and gender.

All websites should have Google Analytics as it’s a free service which records important metrics and once it’s setup and the code has been added to your website, it will automatically start collecting data. It can help you understand why visitors are leaving your website and reveal growth opportunities by analysing what is doing well.

What metrics are important?

If you’re new to Google Analytics there are a few basic metrics that you can analyse in the Audience Overview section, these are:

  • Users - The number of unique visitors to the site

  • Sessions - Total visits to the site

  • Pageviews - Amount of pages that have been viewed by users

  • Pages/Sessions - Average number of page views in each visit

  • Bounce Rate - Percentage of visitors who immediately leave after loading

How are people finding my website?

There’s a lot of different tabs which give you a variety of different metrics, however another important section is Acquisition Overview. It provides you with an overview of traffic sources and how users are engaging with your website. If you’re unsure how your visitors are finding your website then this is where you find out.

What are my most popular pages?

The last section we would recommend is Behaviour Overview which gives you information about your most popular pages and how they are performing. If you have a blog section on your website you can see if your visitors are engaging with the content and make necessary changes if needed.

There are lots of different metrics that you can analyse however if you’re new to Google Analytics, we would recommend focusing on these analytics to start with before delving further. If you have any queries about Google Analytics or your website, you can contact us at 01865 989899 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.