Improve E-commerce Sales with Instagram Shopping

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Are you looking to improve your e-commerce sales through your Instagram accounts, the Instagram Shopping feature makes it easy for your customers to purchase products directly through your account.

What is Instagram Shopping?

Instagram Shopping gives your business an immersive storefront for users to explore your products where you can easily tag and shop products directly from your Instagram posts. It gives people the ability to purchase products without leaving the Instagram app, making it quick and easy for users.

How Do I Set it Up?

You have to link your Instagram business account to a Facebook catalogue and there are two ways in which you can do this. It’s simple to set up and Facebook has released a great guide on how to set up Instagram Shopping which is really helpful if you’re unsure.

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Once it’s set up all you need to do is upload your images and tag the product with all the important information. At the moment you can include a description of the product, how much the product costs and a link that takes visitors directly to your website where they can purchase the product. However, with Instagram’s checkout feature visitors can complete their purchase without leaving the app.

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