Improve E-commerce Sales with Instagram Shopping

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Are you looking to improve your e-commerce sales through your Instagram accounts, the Instagram Shopping feature makes it easy for your customers to purchase products directly through your account.

What is Instagram Shopping?

Instagram Shopping gives your business an immersive storefront for users to explore your products where you can easily tag and shop products directly from your Instagram posts. It gives people the ability to purchase products without leaving the Instagram app, making it quick and easy for users.

How Do I Set it Up?

You have to link your Instagram business account to a Facebook catalogue and there are two ways in which you can do this. It’s simple to set up and Facebook has released a great guide on how to set up Instagram Shopping which is really helpful if you’re unsure.

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Once it’s set up all you need to do is upload your images and tag the product with all the important information. At the moment you can include a description of the product, how much the product costs and a link that takes visitors directly to your website where they can purchase the product. However, with Instagram’s checkout feature visitors can complete their purchase without leaving the app.

If you would like advice with your e-commerce website or more information about how Instagram Shopping can help your business, you can contact us at 01865 989899 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

5 Essential WordPress Plugins for Your Website

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WordPress offers a vast amount of customisation, however with over 55,000 options available in the WordPress Plugin Directory, it can be hard to figure out what the best plugins are to use. We’ve put together our top five WordPress plugins which are essential for your website and the reasons why.


When it comes to a website, one of the most important aspects is security. Wordfence is a full-fledged security plugin which is available in both free and premium versions, improving the overall security of your WordPress site.


If you’re new to SEO and want to do some basic optimisation to your website, the Yoast plugin makes this easy for you. It’s simple to use as you just enter the keyword or keyphrase that you’re interested in optimising for then it will run a check on the content, giving you recommendations. There’s a free and premium version however the biggest difference is that in the free version you can only set one keyword or keyphrase.


Large images can slow your website down and it can be time consuming to resize your images before they are uploaded. ShortPixel is an image optimisation plugin that compresses your images (including previously uploaded images) and improves your websites performance.

WP Super Cache

Website speed is now an important aspect for SEO as Google is known to favor websites with fast loading speeds. WP Super Cache is a plugin which can speed up your website significantly by running lots of different processes.

Google XML Sitemaps

An XML sitemap is a file which lists all of a websites content in an XML format, making it easy for search engines (e.g. Google) to discover and index your content. The Google XML Sitemaps plugin is great as it quickly creates a XML sitemap for you and is free to use.

They’re all of our top five essential plugins for WordPress websites. All of these are free to use unless you want to upgrade to the premium version which isn’t always needed, it depends on your business needs. If you would like more information about our WordPress websites or how you can improve your current website, you can contact us at 01865 989899 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Introduction to Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is a free website analytics service which provides you with important information about your websites visitors such as many people have visited your website, most popular pages and how long visitors have stayed on your website. It can also give you an insight into your audience including geographical location, age and gender.

All websites should have Google Analytics as it’s a free service which records important metrics and once it’s setup and the code has been added to your website, it will automatically start collecting data. It can help you understand why visitors are leaving your website and reveal growth opportunities by analysing what is doing well.

What metrics are important?

If you’re new to Google Analytics there are a few basic metrics that you can analyse in the Audience Overview section, these are:

  • Users - The number of unique visitors to the site

  • Sessions - Total visits to the site

  • Pageviews - Amount of pages that have been viewed by users

  • Pages/Sessions - Average number of page views in each visit

  • Bounce Rate - Percentage of visitors who immediately leave after loading

How are people finding my website?

There’s a lot of different tabs which give you a variety of different metrics, however another important section is Acquisition Overview. It provides you with an overview of traffic sources and how users are engaging with your website. If you’re unsure how your visitors are finding your website then this is where you find out.

What are my most popular pages?

The last section we would recommend is Behaviour Overview which gives you information about your most popular pages and how they are performing. If you have a blog section on your website you can see if your visitors are engaging with the content and make necessary changes if needed.

There are lots of different metrics that you can analyse however if you’re new to Google Analytics, we would recommend focusing on these analytics to start with before delving further. If you have any queries about Google Analytics or your website, you can contact us at 01865 989899 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.