Your Small Businesses Needs A Website

your small business needs a website

Websites are now more easily available, affordable and responsive. All businesses, whether large or small should have a website presence. A survey from Clutch found that less than two-thirds (64%) of small businesses have a website. Obstacles such a cost and time can be enough to put smaller businesses off pursuing an online presence. However, it doesn’t have to cost a lot to have a professional business website and the benefits of having a website are worth looking into.

Customers are looking for it

It is a natural response for customers to search for your company website, it is just expected in today’s digital age. If people are searching for your business website and don’t find anything, you could be missing out on business opportunities. People who are searching for your services will end up going to a competitor site that does exist.

According to Smart Insights, 80% of internet users own a smartphone, with 48% doing mobile research using a search engine such as Google, with 33% going directly to the website that they wish to view. If someone knows of your business name and they enter it in a search engine and come up with no results this could harm your growth for potential new business. Equally, if search terms that you relate to are entered into a search engine, and you don’t have a website, your competitors could cash in on this potential customer themselves.

Confirm your credibility

If your website doesn’t exist, how can people validate your business and your credibility in what you do or offer? It is vital to keep up with your competitors; if they have a website and you don’t you may be making it an easy decision for consumers to take their custom elsewhere.

Always Open

Having a website presence means that at anytime, anywhere people are able to access information about your business, products, services. It is especially important if you have a tangible product that could be sold through your website. By having a website you could be opening up a whole new income stream. Even if you are not selling directly through your website, having relevant information that can assist visitors in learning about who you are and what you offer, can help to aid the decision whether they would like to work with you.

Lead people directly to you

If you have a website, you can ensure that it’s optimised, making sure that keywords and phrases which you hope to be found for are in place. There are also opportunities to pursue through PPC advertsing, that can lead people directly to your website.

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