Tricks and Tools to Boost Your Website's Traffic

Tricks and Tools to Boost Your Website's Traffic

With SEO and organic traffic at the forefront of inbound marketing these days, companies with an online presence must figure out how to remain relevant and competitive. Being recognized on the internet and seen in the right places is an integral part of building trust with your customers and clients, and increasing the number of eyes that view your pages. From search engine optimization and keywords to content creation and social media marketing, your web traffic will benefit from the proper implementation. 

Every company has their own unique approach to increase web traffic to their site, but knowing the right tricks and tools will lay a foundation so you can build upon what is already working for you.


Before jumping the gun and focusing on the search engine optimization of your website as a whole, remember that there are ways to boost your web traffic through on-page optimization. Whether you alter your meta descriptions or create embeddable images, your site will benefit from these minor areas of concentrated attention. Including your keywords in the beginning of your title tags and in the first 100 words of your articles will give your content more weight in search engines, and keeping your URL short and packed with keywords will ensure that you rank well.

Don’t forget to include your target keywords in your image file names. Make sure you have 2-3 internal links per post and in addition, don’t be hesitant to use outbound links. Remember that quality over quantity of the links you choose will increase traffic to your website.

Use Social Media Management Tools

Why wouldn’t you want to automate duties that are tedious and time consuming? With Social Media Management tools, such as the ones listed on TrustRadius, you can schedule posts across all of your platforms, monitor your accounts in one place, and track the performance of your content. Tools like Buffer will publish your posts automatically, add them to a queue, and remind you to post at chosen times. You can get an overview of how you’re trending on social media, track metrics, and see which posts are performing best. Meet Edgar is an automation solution that aims to put your content in front of a larger audience by resharing your best content across multiple platforms. It builds an unlimited content library, organizes it with color-coded categories, and allows you to edit in bulk.

Be an Active Part of the Discussion With Your Followers

Being active on your company’s social media platforms and social channels will give you a leg up in the web traffic game. Social networks are starting to operate and act more and more as search engines, and social presence is used as a metric to weigh a company’s credibility. If you have a Twitter, use the explore page to find trends in cities, industries, and followers recommended just for you. Engage in discussions, and use hashtags that feel appropriate to your keywords and brand, and take polls to ask specific questions for direct answers from your audience. If you have a Facebook, interact with those who comment on your posts, give them positive reinforcement for their activity on your page, and share customer feedback. Post articles in online groups that feel relevant to your industry, ask questions and offer insight. 

Produce Top Notch Content

Telling a story through your brand with social media is an important part of connecting with your audience. A story that reflects your company’s values, interests, and style will project an image that is true to your brand, and will attract the like-minded customers you’ve been seeking. Posting relevant content that resonates with your audience is a key part of increasing authentic traffic. Once you’ve started engaging with your followers and other users across your social platforms, you’ll develop a clearer understanding of what they want to see from you. Being in sync with your target audience will boost your traffic in organic ways you want. 

Guest blog posts will create an extension of your company that people can both interact and keep up with, while your sites format and organization will keep them engaged. Headings, subheadings, and bullet points with a balance of images and infographics will keep your long posts digestible and entertaining. 

Driving web traffic doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth if you consider these tips and tools. From automation to content crafting, your standings and likability on the web are attainable if you choose to utilize them. Being authentic with your audience, interacting with your community, and establishing your company on the internet are all an integral part of driving your rank on Google and bringing the masses to your website. Once you’ve put your best foot forward to project your company’s ideal self, anything is possible. 


Kelsey Taylor is a creative writer and lover of all things digital media. She's a poet, educator, and regular contributor to TrustRadius where she continues to write about software and tips for B2B companies.