The Importance of Great Customer Service

National Customer Service Week

National Customer Service Week 1-5 Oct

With it being National Customer Service Week from 1-5th October, what better time to talk about the importance of good customer service within your business.

Customers are the reason your business exists so it is paramount that you look after their needs. Great customer service can be the difference between a customer remaining with you, or walking away towards a competitor. 

Customer service plays a vital role in any successful business practice and throughout National Customer Service Week, it will highlight different aspects of customer service.

Great customer service should not just be taken into consideration for this one week of the year, but instead, this week should be used as an opportunity to look at what you are doing well, look at where you could improve and make the commitment to these improvements within your teams in terms of customer service goals.


It is important to understand your customer in order to deliver the best service to them. Having an idea of their buyer persona, what their needs are in relation to what you offer can be a really good starting place to ensure that you are offering the best possible service you can.


These days we expect to have extremely easy to access customer services in many different forms; email, phone, live chat. Encompassing these changes to make sure that your processes in communicating with your customers is efficient will benefit you in terms of customer retention, as well as reducing time spent dealing with customer enquiries or resolving issues.


It is important to understand what your customers expect in terms of customer service and exceed these expectations. By identifying and nurturing customer service skills within your business, you will be able to understand any weaknesses you currently have, upskill anyone who needs assistance in developing the right skills and it will enable you to really get your team to put themselves in the shoes of your customers, in order to fully understand what is expected and what they should receive in terms of customer service.


By championing customer service in the Boardroom you will be able to offer an insight to your team on what great or poor customer service is actually costing your business.


Good customer service should always be aspired to, but it is also important to celebrate individual successes within your business, your customer service heroes.

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