How to Improve Marketing Performance Metrics and Lead Generation KPIs

 Marketing Performance Metrics and Lead Generation KPIs

If you have been tasked with improving marketing performance metrics and lead generation KPIs, there are some key areas that you need to consider and prepare to give yourself the best chance at success.

Marketers now have no choice but to embrace digital marketing as an essential part of their overall marketing strategy. Ensuring that digital marketing is included, rather than being a separate entity is crucial in achieving a seamless brand voice across all of your marketing activities, where all messages across all channels stand hand in hand, complimenting each other and achieving the results you have set out for yourself. You will then clearly be able to measure your marketing performance metrics to indicate your lead generation KPIs and where your main successes are.

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Influential SEO Trends on Digital Marketing


With SEO and Digital Marketing such big news and the ever changing environment of the internet, there are many trends in SEO that will begin to have more of an effect on digital marketing and the way in which we work to promote websites. It is a constant challenge faced by all marketeers to create and implement the best strategy to make sure that the business website is working effectively for the company. 

We take a look at some of the most exciting changes taking place online and how this will influence the focus of SEO and Digital Marketing.

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Is it the end of passwords?


We all understand the importance of passwords, to protect our various accounts, but could there be an easier option on the horizon that could save us from having to remember passwords in the future as well as providing greater security?

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Is your SEO Campaign Working?

Is your SEO Campaign Working?

With every SEO campaign it takes an investment of time and money, but how can you tell if your campaign is working for you? Here we take you through some of the main areas we focus on when measuring the success of an SEO campaign.

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Clever Business Websites sponsor exciting Bus Shelter Renovation project


Clever Business Websites are excited to be involved in a new Community Art Project initiative. The project is a joint venture between Witney Town Council and Abingdon and Witney College. Artwork created by some of the talented students at Abingdon and Witney College has been applied to bus shelters across Witney, sponsored by local businesses.

20180425 110453


Clever Business Websites is proud to be jointly sponsoring one of the bus shelters in Market Square, with Krayma and STL Communications. We were all there last week when the artwork was installed and are really pleased with the end result.

20180425 111413

“It has been a really good opportunity for us to be involved in this community project. We were really impressed to see the artwork created by the students of Abingdon and Witney college. The artwork was applied last week and the bus shelter is now really colourful and eye-catching. It’s really nice that the artwork has been created with the town’s heritage in mind.” - Emmeline Maline, Team Supervisor