Identifying target audience and the right marketing strategies

Identifying Target Audience

Part of the process of a good SEO strategy and Marketing strategy is really getting to grips with identifying target audience. This will then enable you to be better equipped when working on target marketing strategies. Knowing who you are trying to reach will have a real baring on the routes you take within your marketing, which keywords you use, which channels you maximise and the complete overall approach to any marketing strategy or campaign.

A great way to get into the right headspace of your audience is to actually use the content that your target audience is engaged with to assist you in deciding what content you would like to push out. 

What books are they reading? 

Check out the trending books in your industry to help you in pinpointing themes and topics that you can yourself incorporate into your content strategy.

What industry events are they attending?

Having an idea of the keynote speakers and topics that they are to cover in these industry events will also be helpful is helping you to steer your own topics.

What podcasts are popular in your industry?

Keywords and titles can be sourced from these communications to assist you in coming up with your own related content and marketing materials

Taking the time to define a content strategy based on your findings, including objectives, strategy and methods with be really beneficial in not only defining audience personas, but to then understand the best ways of engaging with them. It may be that you have several target audience personas that you are trying to reach, but it is important to take the time to address each persona separately as it is likely that you will need to create different content ro reach the different needs.

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