How to reduce ecommerce abandoned carts

How to reduce ecommerce abandoned carts

Ecommerce conversion rates are a huge metric for online shops. Ecommerce sites are a huge revenue stream for many businesses, so if the rate of abandoned carts is higher than you anticipated it can be a real worry. Here we take a look at some of the reasons why an ecommerce shopper may abandon their cart and what you can do to change that. 

Ease of Checkout

Online shoppers like the process of making purchases from the comfort of their home, or wherever they may be with just a few clicks and it should be a quick and easy process to complete a purchase. If your checkout process is complicated this could really put people off completing their purchases. According to Baymard Institute, 37% of people abandoned their carts as the site required them to create an account to complete the checkout process, with 28% of people abandoning their cart due to the checkout process being too complicated. With statistics like this, it is clear that what consumers are looking for is a quick easy process, that flows and doesn’t require additional information being added to the site. A solution to this issue could be to add a guest checkout option, which will make sure that the process still flows easily.

Access to Support

Often users may need to ask questions before making a purchase if the information is not stated clearly within the website. Having a page that covers Frequently Asked Questions could be a way of avoiding cart abandonment for this reason. You could also add a live chat feature which is also a useful and popular form of customer support on ecommerce websites, allowing your customer to have access to direct support.

Payment Restrictions

If you have an ecommerce website it is important that you provide a number of payment options for your customers to choose from. Although many people like using Paypal. not everyone does so it is worth providing other third party options such as VisaCheckout. Giving as many options as you can could help to reduce cart abandonment.

Ease of Navigation

If your website has not been designed with your user experience in mind, it may be difficult for your shoppers to easily navigate around your website. This could really deter people from using the site. Perhaps you have added an item into your basket, but then realise that you would like to continue shopping, or change the size of the item. If there are no easy options for the user to do this, you may well lose the sale.

Are you secure?

With so much online fraud taking place, it is vital that your website is secured. SSL certificates are a must when dealing with data, and especially when taking payments. If your site is not secure, then it is unlikely that you will make many sales through it at all. People are more and more conscious of online fraud and would rather air on the side of caution that make a purchase that could potentially cost them a lot more! 

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Reasons for Abandonment Findings from

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