Content Inspiration

260Sometimes, simply the thought of producing content can be enough to create a writer’s block. What can I write about that is of interest and that will help gain visitors to my website? If you have committed to publishing regular content on your website, it is likely that you have a content plan or content schedule that you try to adhere to, but at the same time, if you are writing a lot of content, there can be that panic that you will run out of ideas. 

Here are some simple tips that will help to get you inspired to write meaningful, interesting and useful content for your website, and may help to keep that dreaded writer’s block at bay.

What are other people writing about?

It is a good idea to have awareness of what other businesses in your industry are writing about. Perhaps there will be an article of interest around a subject that you hadn’t thought of before? Having an idea of what your competitors are writing can help you to keep aligned. No one is suggesting that you should copy or re-edit someone’s work and call it your own, but reading content in an area of interest to your business may trigger inspiration and help you to perhaps think of an angle on a topic that you hadn’t covered before. There are also interesting tools out there, such as BuzzSumo, where you can type in a keyword or topic, and see what types of articles are gaining traction.

Google Alerts and Industry Trends

Knowledge of any changes that are happening in your industry is crucial in any business, but will also help you to think of new content ideas to communicate to your audience. Reading industry magazines and news articles can help ensure that you understand your industry well and therefore puts you in a great position to write about it. You can set up “Google Alerts” to come straight to your inbox for certain keywords that you are interested in, which is a great way to keep abreast of your industry and what people are writing about.

Create a Content Schedule

Don’t just wing it. Especially if you are producing a great deal of content it is always good to have a plan. Obviously there will be times when something particularly topical may arise that you want to write about, as it is time specific, but generally, a schedule is the way to go. It will allow you to map out what areas you want to write about and in what style, to ensure that you have a good mix of styles including articles, resources, top tips, blogs and information copy. You will be able to plan keywords for each of your topics before writing them and have an idea of when you will write them and when you will publish them. Sticking to a plan will ensure that you have given yourself enough time to create each article.

What is already working for you? (Evergreen content)

Creating content that will always be relevant is one way of increasing your SERPS. Evergreen content is content that no matter how long ago it was published, it will still be of interest and relevance to people months and years down the line. This content may include highly searched keywords, which will then continue to drive visitors to your website.

It is not always easy writing interesting and engaging content, but by using some simple changes you will hopefully find that the writing comes a little easier to you. 

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