Boosting your website with great content

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The content that you add to your website is crucial and if written well it can really assist you in generating traffic to your website. Here we take a look at some key insights into how to create better, engaging content to drive extra visitors.

Include main topic and related themes

When creating content your aim is that people will read that content, find it useful, informative or prompt a response. It is not only important to create content around a theme that is topical, tuning into key search terms in that subject, but also paying attention to related themes and search terms. By including keywords that are related to the main topic of your content, this could benefit you in terms of ranking. When typing into Google, you will see related searches at the bottom of the results page. This is a simple way of gaining an insight into some other popular searches that link to your topic, which may be worth including.

Are you sharing at the optimum time?

Content is important the whole year around, but there are key times within the year where certain search terms are of more relevance. It is useful to have some insights into what these searches are so that you can tune into these areas at relevant times, with the intention of increasing hits on your website. This easy to use tool from Google is useful if you are looking at planning your keywords. You can also gain some insights into Google trends here.

Who are your competitors?

Checking out your content competitors can really assist you in gaining content ideas and can also help you to identify areas and topics where there are content gaps that you could then fill with your own content. Searching for key search phrases can be a good starting point.

Are you producing quality content?

Writing content for the sake of it is a waste of time. No one will read it, it is of no value and will not bring any visitors to your website. When writing content for your website you should always ensure that it serves a purpose, providing information, ideas, top tips or advice that visitors will appreciate and take the time to read, rather than scroll through. Keeping it concise, to the point and keyword optimised is the key. You can check how relevant your content is by entering the search terms and seeing if you appear in Google a couple of weeks after publishing to ensure that you are on track. This will give you insights into how valuable each article is, and may give you some ideas on how to improve upon the content if you need to.

Share it on social media

When you have created some content, don’t just publish it on your website. Share it on your social media platforms. Having something of interest to talk about on your social media is the way to go. 

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