Why Mobile Users Should be Your Priority

mobile responsive

Developing a website takes all kinds of work, from creating great content, to structuring your website in the most effective way and building a strong marketing strategy to promote your website. For all of the many tasks that go into creating a website, one thing remains the same – the main objective. The main objective for any business will be to generate more business leads and all of the work that you do will be focused on that goal.

So for instance, your website must be setup to generate as much business as possible and to do that, your content and the end user experience must be high quality. If you take a look at the Top10 Website Hosting infographic The Importance of a Responsive Website, you will see that 55% of website traffic is made up of mobile users. So if the majority of people accessing the internet are doing so by mobile, it makes sound business sense to prioritise this population.

When developing a website that is focused on mobile users, the user experience for a mobile user must be top class. If your website isn’t responsive then you could suffer massively in terms of your business conversions. 67% of mobile users say that when they visit a mobile friendly site, they are more likely to buy a site’s product. Key factors in that experience include having content that is created with mobile users in mind, easy navigation and good performance in terms of page loading speed.

If any of these key elements are not done well, then mobile users will become frustrated and will quickly leave the site, seeking another company with a better website. As a business, you can’t afford to let that happen so you really should invest in a responsive website.

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Many thanks to Jett Hagelthorn, for her blog contribution