The Ever Changing SEO Landscape

SEO Landscape

Search Engine Optimisation is still high on the agenda for marketers across the world, but as the climate continues to rapidly change, marketers have continually had to change their approach to standard SEO, and instead start to incorporate different methods in order to maintain and secure high rankings amongst competitors. 

Long gone are the days of keyword stuffing and sneaky ‘black hat’ practices and now with Google’s algorithms in play there are new practices to be embraced.

Here we take a look at some of the changes that have occurred over the past decade.

Keyword Stuffing

With Google’s algorithms, “Penguin” and “Panda”, the practice of keyword stuffing in 2013, penalising websites that followed this method. Following on from this, the introduction of the “hummingbird” algorithm meant that Google was able to interpret content in terms of intent rather than focusing on individual keywords/phrases.

Increased Content

It is a cliche that “content is king” but this has shown itself to be the case in the last few years. Relevant, focused, fresh and unique content is a must if you want to maintain your current ranking.. It is no longer the case that content without substance will increase your rank if it includes relevant keywords. Keywords are still of course important, but the content that they are a part of needs to be of greater value and substance.

Mobile Optimisation

It has been a rapid acceleration in terms of mobile phones and devices, the amount of people who use them and the features enabled. With a huge percentage of people accessing the internet via mobile and tablets, in April 2015 Google’s algorithm changed how a website was ranked as  to whether or not it is mobile responsive or not. This change has impacted across the board, prompting many to upgrade their websites to ones that are compatible, avoiding any penalisation in their rankings.

Local Searches

Local searches have increased in recent years and are set to continue on this path. With the increase in mobile, and devices installed with location enabled information, it is now easier to target specific audiences based on their location. 

As with all arts, the art  of SEO will continue to develop over the coming years, with new algorithms expected to be released later in the year. It is vitally important to keep abreast of any changes and to make sure you keep up, and don’t  get left behind.

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