Start-Up Mistakes to Avoid with your Website


There are obviously 101 things to do when you are starting up a new business, much of which will be part of a larger strategy, but often a website or social media strategy will take a back seat with the many other things that end up taking priority. It is however an important part of an overall business strategy that should go hand in hand with your website. Here we offer advice on some mistakes to avoid when creating your website and social media strategy to help achieve the best results possible.

Smart Design

Having a website that is poorly designed is almost as bad as not having a website at all. A design that is overwhelming, with too much content, and a font that is difficult to read with poor site navigation is a surefire way of giving a poor impression of your business at the same time as losing potential interest. Having a clearly laid out design with relevant information, content and clear CTA’s is a far better approach to take, and will offer your customers some value and confidence in your business.

Social Media Accounts with nothing to talk about

Creating social media accounts for your business should be an important part of your business set-up. It is all very well setting up your accounts on these platforms, but you really do need to make sure that you are active on your accounts. Sharing topical articles from other sources as well as posting your own blogs, offers or articles should be part of a wider online marketing strategy. Being consistent with your messages and engaging in your followers will help to build your brand and get your business known. Having a good mix of sharing posts from others about what is happening within your industry as well as newsy posts about what you have been doing yourself breaks up your messaging at the same time as keeping your social media active and current.

If it’s not your strong-point, outsource

Social media, marketing, content-writing and web design are all important aspects of your website and marketing, but are time-consuming. If you are unable to commit and/or have limited or no skills in these areas, find someone who is skilled and has experience in this area. The chances are, if you rely on yourself to cover these areas, they will be the first things that you drop when you become increasingly busy. 

Review, Improve, Change

This is something that can be applied to many areas of your start-up business. With your website, you should always look to improve periodically. Trends change, information may become outdated and extra offers or information may need to be added. With regards to your customers, social media can be an excellent way for people to reach out to you with their feedback. Failing to learn from these interactions may hinder your business, so it is always important to take on board and work into your on-going strategy.

Objectives and Goals

Having a plan is crucial to creative realistic goals, objectives and business growth. Experts in this area can be a cost that you can’t necessarily afford, but there are many online resources that can assist you in this. However you do it, make sure that you have a strategy with SMART goals that you can measure your success against.


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