The Ever Changing SEO Landscape

SEO Landscape

Search Engine Optimisation is still high on the agenda for marketers across the world, but as the climate continues to rapidly change, marketers have continually had to change their approach to standard SEO, and instead start to incorporate different methods in order to maintain and secure high rankings amongst competitors. 

Long gone are the days of keyword stuffing and sneaky ‘black hat’ practices and now with Google’s algorithms in play there are new practices to be embraced.

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Website Benefits of Live Chat

Live Chat

With the increasing amount of time spent online, on social media and communicating over such platforms, it is no wonder that more and more websites are now beginning to  integrate online live chat options to communicate with and respond to their customers. So, why is this such a popular feature, and what are the benefits to  customers, as well as to your business? 

The Interaction is Instant

The impatience that we seem to have developed due to the ease of electronic devices and access to instant messaging lends itself to live chat functions. If someone is on your website and a chat window pops up asking “Is there anything I can help you with?”, the customer has easy access to ask away, opening up a conversation which could lead to a possible sale.

Live Chat is a Preference

eDigital Research result showed that live chat was rated more highly in customer service than any other form of digital communication, such as email, phone calls or social media. It allows the customer to interact directly with a representative of the company, increasing the feeling of value to the customer,ultimately increasing customer service, which should always be a priority in any business. This type of interaction can also be tracked, with an email of the conversation sent after the chat is over for reference.

Live Chat is Efficient

Live Chat is less time consuming, and one person could potentially be helping multiple customers at the same time, which is impossible with traditional phone calls, where each representative is only able to deal with one customer at any time. It also allows data to be more easily captured for analysis, creating a clearer picture of the types of questions or problems that customers are chatting about. If there are recurring themes, it may prompt you to add some further information or PDF documentation to your website to counter this in the future. 

Building Trust through Chat

Live Chat provides another support option to your customers. Some people may still prefer to pick up the phone or send an email, but by providing a range of options to your customer it gives a good customer service image, which in turn builds trust. 

It is important to have a  personalised chat experience, as it can be quite common to “chat” to an automated system, which can actually be more off putting to potential customers, where as talking directly to a human on the other side can be more beneficial as they can answer your query almost immediately. 

Driving Sales through Live Chat

If someone is in two minds about a purchase and has the opportunity to have a live chat, asking questions that  you may need the answer to in order to make that  sales decision for them. Answering questions at the point that the customer is almost ready to make a purchase may help to “close the deal”. If the customer is satisfied with the answers you have provided it may be what they  need to make that decision to buy.

If you are looking to engage with your customers more personally and provide a better customer service experience, it may be time to consider live chat for your business website.

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Five Reasons To Outsource Your Content Writing

Outsource Content writing

Having a website that not only looks the part, but has relevant content is crucial if you want to make an impact. Content creation may come naturally to you, but it’s time consuming, and can often be neglected because of other more pressing tasks in your daily role. Many people decide to outsource their content writing, blogs and email marketing to someone outside their business and there are many advantages to doing this. If you want a professional haircut, you would go to a hairdressers and it is the same with content; if you want a well-written piece of content, a professional approach is the best way to go.

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A Move To The Dark Side - Dark Social Explained

Dark Social

The term “Dark Social” itself sounds somewhat sinister, which really isn’t the case but it is something that we should be fully aware of when we are looking at metrics, conversion rates and social statistics. In this blog we will uncover what Dark Social actually is, how it works and what we can do to combat it.

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Start-Up Mistakes to Avoid with your Website


There are obviously 101 things to do when you are starting up a new business, much of which will be part of a larger strategy, but often a website or social media strategy will take a back seat with the many other things that end up taking priority. It is however an important part of an overall business strategy that should go hand in hand with your website. Here we offer advice on some mistakes to avoid when creating your website and social media strategy to help achieve the best results possible.

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