Why everyone needs to be a Digital Marketer

digital marketing

With social media allowing anyone, anywhere to market their services, products or even themselves, digital marketing has never been such an integral part of our society and culture. Without even realising it, we have all become digital marketers in our own ways.

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Why Mobile Users Should be Your Priority

mobile responsive

Developing a website takes all kinds of work, from creating great content, to structuring your website in the most effective way and building a strong marketing strategy to promote your website. For all of the many tasks that go into creating a website, one thing remains the same – the main objective. The main objective for any business will be to generate more business leads and all of the work that you do will be focused on that goal.

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Finding the Best Digital Marketing Agency

marketing agency

With so many companies out there all offering to provide digital marketing services, it can sometimes be a daunting but vital task to decide who to work with.

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Finding the right font for your website


When designing your website, it is not only the structure, navigation, content and images that will play a part in the presentation of your business website, but the font that you choose can really impact upon the success of your website design. Fonts can portray a certain feeling and emotion, giving the user a certain impression, and this should be taken into account with your web design. Most importantly, your content needs to be legible. 

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Warning Signs Your Business Website is Outdated

warning signs

Having a website is an important part of business life these days, but is often not the first thing on your busy mind as you try to run your business day-to-day with other necessary tasks. At Clever Business Websites, this is exactly where we can step in to assist. We have seen on many occasions, business websites that are outdated and need a refreshed and up-to-date new look. Many times when this happens, the owner of the business is very aware that the website is outdated, but has struggled to find the time to do anything about it.

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