Mobile-friendly websites can avoid loss of sales for Small Businesses


With a huge increase in mobile shopping it is crucial that small businesses ensure that their websites are optimised for mobile devices. However, new research has shown that many small businesses in the UK are missing out on selling opportunities because their websites are not mobile friendly. 

With predictions that shoppers are due to double the amount they spend on internet shopping via mobile devices this year, the figure stands at sales around £27 billion! Alarmingly, a survey conducted by PayPal has found that only 18% of small businesses have a website that is mobile-friendly!

With 6 in 10 millennials looking to purchase online via their mobile devices on a daily basis and 44% of 16-25 year olds saying that they plan to buy more via their mobile devices, this is a trend that can’t be ignored.

When Google released the responsive website algorithm in April 2015 everything changed. Websites that are not responsive can now be penalised in their rankings and as time has gone on the need to have a responsive website is more important than ever.

Easy navigation, payment options and site security as well as having a fully responsive website is the only way to keep up with competitors. People want to know that they are purchasing from a trusted source, so it is crucial to have a professionally designed, mobile responsive website. Even if you are a business who doesn't sell through the website, it is still important that your website is responsive. People are much more likely to click off your website when viewing on their mobile device if it is not mobile-friendly. The text and images don't display properly, or are too small - it is easier to find a competitor website that is responsive to find the product or service they require. Don't miss out on important sales. 

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