Lack Of SEO Knowledge Within Small Businesses

Lack of SEO knowledge in small businesses

With increasingly crowded markets, and many businesses vying for the same customers, keeping up to date with changes in the digital world is  a must. Having a professional business website to communicate your products and services is vital, but it doesn’t stop there.

Most people have heard the phrase “Search Engine Optimisation” or “SEO” these days but many don’t understand what this actually means or entails. Even those that do understand,  may only be scratching the surface. With that in mind, we thought it would be useful to unravel SEO and explain its importance to your website, ensuring that you are visible above your competitors online.

A Strong Starting Point

There are many aspects to SEO and some main areas that businesses should start with are below: 

  1. A Website that has clear navigation, loads quickly and is responsive
  2. Website Content that is clear, concise and informative
  3. Content Marketing in the form of blogs, articles, resources
  4. Basic Optimisation in the form of page titles and meta descriptions that will show in search engines
  5. Case Studies, testimonials and portfolios to give you credibility

Organic Search Results

Many businesses shy away from SEO; it is a time-consuming activity which means it can also be costly. However, as a long-term strategy it is worth the investment as it will help increase your ranking and and potentially out rank your fellow competitors. Working with a Digital Marketing professional will benefit your website. They  have the knowledge and skills to focus on the areas you should target and can make suggestions and offer guidance that will inevitably help to increase your websites ranking.

Other Areas of Digital Marketing to Explore

Other digital marketing areas will help to boost your ranking and credibility as a business such as ensuring you have a Google Business Listing, which can be easily set-up. Another area  to consider is content. Adding regular content in the form of a blog or article on your website can help in a few ways; 

  • The content can target particular keywords and phrases and drive additional traffic  to your website
  • It shows your customers that you know what you are talking about and are credible
  • Google Algorithms love new content

Other areas to consider are , email marketing and PPC campaigns that can help in achieving results at a faster pace.

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