Is Your Website Masking Your Identity?

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Imagine yourself as a child, dressed up for a halloween party, or ready to go out trick or treating. The most angelic little face hidden underneath a mask or costume that conceals their true identity.

When creating a business website, many companies can get drawn into the thought process of wanting to project where they want the company to be, rather than where they actually are. Their true identity can be hidden behind big promises and an image that doesn’t truly represent them in the light of day. 

The Shining

It is of course natural and right in business to have objectives in terms of growth and an understandable goal of appealing to bigger clients by portraying your business in such a way that it attracts these types of leads. It’s vital to find the right balance between attracting bigger clients whilst  alienating smaller ones who may be looking for a company exactly like yours.

Trick or Treat?

For any business, large or small, it is important to portray a professional and capable approach in your messages, images and offerings throughout your website, following through your brand identity. If you are creating a web presence that disguises your small team under the mask of a much larger organisation it is significant to consider whether you have the man-power and capabilities within your business to sustain larger accounts should this be your aim.

It Follows

If your business growth happens once your website is established, it is important to remember that websites can be changed, redesigned and altered to reflect these changes over a period of time. Website designs and trends are constantly changing, as will your business.

The Omen

The truth is, we can predict what may happen in business but we can never be sure of what is around the corner (or lurking in the dark). Being true to your business, avoiding disguises and portraying an honest snapshot of your company is a good start at building credibility in your market.

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