Finding the Best Digital Marketing Agency

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With so many companies out there all offering to provide digital marketing services, it can sometimes be a daunting but vital task to decide who to work with.

Your business and its success are imperative in your objectives. You will have certain short and long-term objectives that you wish to achieve. Working with a Digital marketing Agency who understands your objectives at the same time as having the ability to achieve these goals can sometimes be a difficult balance to find. With this in mind, here are

5 important points to consider when looking for the Best Digital Marketing Agency.

1. Have a clear idea of your marketing requirements

It is important to have an idea of what you will actually need from a digital marketing agency. If you are unsure of specifics, in the least you should have a list of objectives including the outcomes that you wish to accomplish. From this list, a good digital marketing agency will be able to put a proposal together, outlining what work would be involved in achieving these objectives. You may have more of a specific idea yourself, including areas such as content creation, seo, email marketing, social media for example. At Clever Business Websites we understand that every business is different and look at each customer on an individual level, creating effective digital marketing proposals that we believe are the best routes available.

2. Have an idea of the company’s strengths

Having a clear idea of the strengths that the digital marketing agency holds is a good insight into whether they will be the right fit for you. If an agency hasn’t had experience of working in your industry then, it may sway your decision. However, this should not be the be all and end all, as many agencies you will find are very adaptable to different business industry requirements.

3. Research their Portfolio

Doing some research into the agency’s current work and portfolio will give you an idea of their capabilities. How do they create content? Have you seen an email marketing campaign that has been sent out? Once you have an idea of the types of work they have been involved in, you will be in a better position to judge whether you feel they could be a suitable company to work with.  At CBW we always make a point of showing prospective clients our recent work, to achieve a level of trust. We are proud of the work that we do and are always happy to talk about it.

4. Consider the Costs

Cost is always going to be an issue and often with services such as digital marketing there can be unnecessary confusion over pricing. Often, the tasks that need to be achieved can be rather time consuming but are not always tangible. For example, a Digital Marketing Executive could spend a good few hours researching the best keywords to use within your website, and you might ask the question “What have I paid for?” but it is important to remember, especially with SEO, and the keyword research will form part of the overall strategy. We are always very transparent and fair with our costs, sticking to a monthly recurring model.

5. Ask Questions

If you are looking at spending your money with another business, of course you want to know what you are getting for your pounds. Asking questions and having a clear understanding of the work involved, and what the outcome will be. Taking your time to research and ask questions will give you a clearer understanding of what each agency is offering you, and who you are more comfortable working with. We are always open to questions and enjoy being able to explain the intricacies of what we do on a daily basis, with some great success stories.

If you are searching for a digital marketing agency and would like some more information about what we can offer at Clever Business Websites, drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 01865 989899.