Ecommerce Redesign Mistakes

ecommerce redesign mistakes

Ecommerce websites remain a huge part of the internet. We love to shop, and we love to shop online, the ease of a few short clicks away from a purchase.  With around 70% of internet purchases taking place on a smartphone, 30% on tablets it is important to factor in mobile optimisation and ease of use across all platforms. Many ecommerce websites are redesigning their websites, but in doing so are forgetting to consider the overall user experience.

Here are a few things to watch out for with ecommerce website design

Don’t Second Guess

It is important to gauge from your customers how user-friendly your ecommerce site actually is. Data analysis will give insight on where people are visiting on your website, abandoned cart  rates and amount of time spent on particular pages. If you have a high abandon rate, why is this? Is your checkout process to complicated? Are your shipping costs too high?

Don’t Bombard the User with Features 

There are some great features now that can be integrated into many ecommerce websites, such as wish lists and 360 degree images, but just because they are available it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are right for your customers. Consider your products, brand and business objectives to align your ecommerce features with your customers.

Don’t Distract with Bells and Whistles

Trying too hard to make your customers say “wow” may in fact have  the opposite effect and drive them away from your ecommerce website. A simple experience is the best way to please your customers, rather than trying to be too fancy. Every aspect of your ecommerce website should be justifiable; there should always be a reason why that feature, image or content exists.

Don’t Be A Copycat

With so many competitors on the internet these days it is difficult to avoid copying another website or ecommerce website in some way or another, with layout, fonts and styles. However, just as it is important to keep abreast of what your competitors are doing, it is also a good idea not to jump on the bandwagon and emulate others are doing. 

When creating any website, be it ecommerce or otherwise, it is always a good idea to come to the project with an idea based on your overall business objectives. This will form a significant part of the website design brief, as you should always have a reason for each aspect of your website linked to your business objectives.

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