Domain top tips for your Business Website

Choosing your business domain

When creating your new website, an important part of the process is choosing the right domain name. Your brand name and website need to stand hand in hand to create a cohesion of your business.  But how can you reach an effective domain name for your website, making sure not to affect the impact of your SEO?

Let's have a look at a bit of information about domains, what works best and how to incorporate your domain into achieving good search rank.

Up until 2012, Exact-match domains (EMDs) were really popular. You could choose a domain for your business, with words that you wanted to rank for, phone deals becomes and achieve top ranking. Google changed this rule in 2012, so this no longer works, meaning that more intricate and clever SEO and work behind the scenes needs to take place in order to achieve that same ranking.

Here are some top tips to consider when choosing your website domain…

1. Unforgettable and Unique

A memorable domain name is what you should go for. Attempting to be catchy at the same time as being unique can be a challenge, but it could be the difference between your brand standing out to someone, and them later contacting you for business, or going to a competitor - it can be that important!

2. Short and Snappy

No one likes having to remember a domain that is too long. There is room for mistakes in typing and it is just confusing and actually rather annoying. Getting greedy with keywords in this case will not work in your favour.

3. Relatable and Linked to your business offering

Creating a domain that is catchy yet also reflects some part of what your business offers is a way of standing out. For example, if you are a window cleaning service, a domain such as for example, would give a hint of what you do, without stating exactly what you offer i.e. 

4. Simplicity is your friend

Choosing an easy to remember domain that incorporates your company name, if memorable, or a word that reflects what your company does is the best idea. Abbreviating words, including numbers, hyphens, or trying to be clever with spelling alternatives may confuse your target audience, and make it harder for people to find you on the internet. 

5. Choose the right extension

There are so many variations and extensions or top-level domain (TLD) that can also be chosen, but unless you are doing business in other countries, it is the safest bet to choose a .com or extension. Other extensions such as .net or .biz have associations with spam or low-ranking websites

Choosing the right Domain name for your business is just one of the important things to bear in mind when becoming a startup business. Be sure to visit our resources section where you can receive other helpful tips on this matter.


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