Digital Marketing is the answer to company growth

We have established that in this day and age, a company needs to exist online if it is to exist at all. Many businesses have a website presence, but this may be outdated in design and content, and lacking in any digital marketing influence at all. If you want to succeed in the current competitive climate, then having a decent website, with a practical and up-to-date design, relevant content and images is a good starting point. However, your website is unlikely to be ranked highly or bring in the necessary results unless the correct SEO and Digital Marketing strategies have been implemented. This needn’t be an overwhelming task, but it should be a priority, especially for online and Ecommerce based businesses.

Many small businesses skip website optimisation altogether. Part of the issue is not having the knowledge or understanding of the importance of SEO to the overall business strategy. Whilst SEO can sometimes be a costly option, if done correctly it can yield good results. There are also different digital marketing strategies that can be used in conjunction, in order to raise your profile.

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns can work quickly to raise your company profile. Effective social media campaigns can allow you to engage with potential customers, highlighting your brand name. Launching a new product? Why not run a competition to increase engagement. Looking to inform and engage with your customer base? Why not write a regular blog? Depending on your business sector, there are so many tools available to build your profile, engagement and customer base, and it is unfortunate that so many businesses are missing out on this. Social media is (for the most part) free, and there should be no company now that doesn’t have a social media presence. With over 21% growth in the last year, social media is a huge part of our everyday existence and not having a company presence on at least one of the big three Facebook, Instagram and Twitter could have a detrimental impact on your business.

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