5 Ways To Utilise Your CRM for SEO


Having a decent Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in place is a key part of developing a business. Having a central place to track leads, conversions, conversations, emails and building on relationships is vitally important. Something that can often go unnoticed is how your CRM can assist in your SEO strategy. Here we take a look at 5 ways that you can fully utilise your CRM for SEO.

Content Direction

The type of content that you produce for your website is of course important for many reasons. You want to write engaging content that will capture readers, engage interest and position yourself as an authority on certain topics, as well as including optimised  content that will assist in increasing your positioning on SERPs. By using your CRM you can find out what valuable content may be missing from your website. Look over the types of questions that clients have asked you, perhaps you can fill in the gaps with a series of articles that address recurring questions you are being asked time and time again?

Reputation and Reviews

CRM systems main use is to of course build and manage relationships with leads, prospects and customers. By nurturing these relationships and creating a database of satisfied customers, you will be able to build your testimonials and client advocacy. Online reviews are invaluable for your SEO, linking to your customer’s websites and by increasing your testimonials your business will be validated as a company that is valued and trusted. Combining SEO with reputations management will invariably result in generating new leads, beginning in the cycle again.

Increasing Audience

Looking through your CRM system, you may find individuals or companies that you would like to approach regarding guest blogging. Asking someone to provide a guest blog for your own website has mutual benefits, providing your contact to increase their audience. You could have a mutual agreement, whereby you could also guest blog for them in return. You may find that you have been approached yourself to guest blog for another business already and opportunities like this are always worth exploring. Providing content for another business, can increase your audience, tapping into the other company’s audience, which may lead to prospective business relationships becoming apparent. This also helps with link building which again can assist in increasing your position on SERPs.

Social Media

Following, liking and engaging with contacts on your CRM system via social media channels can assist you further, as many experts believe social media engagement can have an indirect (or possibly a direct) affect on SEO ranking. Engaging with your contacts on social media can help you to build future relationships which might come in handy down the line. Starting conversations and engaging through social media can open new opportunities which you might not of considered previously.

Keyword Optimisation

Keywords are of course the foundation of good content, and are an integral part to any websites online presence. This links back to point 1 on Content Direction. Paying attention to what your customers are thinking about and searching for will help you in realising which keywords you may need to include in your content now and in the future. Look at the specific word choices , as this may provide you with an excellent source of keywords.

Your CRM system may be a little goldmine of information just waiting to be found.

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