What's your website personality type?



Many people tuned in last night to the first episode of the new series of The Apprentice. With the show now on it’s twelfth series we are familiar with the format of budding young entrepreneurs, business men and women who are ready to compete for the chance to win a £250,000 investment from the British Business mogul, Lord Alan Sugar.


There are always a real mix of personalities we see on The Apprentice, the bossy, the assertive, the disillusioned...by process of elimination each week we will see who Lord Sugar believes to be the right choice for the job. 


In 1971, Psychologist Carl G. Jung produced the theory of psychological types whereby people can be categorized by their preference of general attitude, and we really do see a real mix on this show. It is always really interesting to see the different personalities that go into the process on the show, and how sometimes the strongest candidates don’t always make it through to the end.


When creating your business website it’s something that perhaps is not overtly thought about, but through your website you are able to portray your company personality not only in your choice of content, but colour, design and other features that all make up the whole picture. This will vary depending on your market, sector and what you feel is important to your company and to your customers.


Personality Types displayed through websites



How extroverted or introverted you are can be communicated through your website in a number of ways. Branding, logos, design and content all play a part. You may have a bold colour within your brand, that makes you stand out, or choose to adopt a certain style within your business and website that really makes a splash. Using a certain tone of voice within your website can also give an indication of the type of business you are. It may be that you want to put across your business personality in a bold, colloquial manner, or your style may be more reserved and professional. Whichever personality type you portray, it will have an affect on the type of customers you attract.


Sensing - Intuition

Creating a website with an intuitive design means that with user-friendly navigation your visitors will be able to easily find what they are looking for within your site. Offering the opportunity for your visitors to explore your website with ease will work in your favour, resulting in a longer dwell time. This in turn may well lead to interactions, purchases or direct contact between you and your customer.


Thinking - Feeling

We all process information in slightly different ways depending if we lean more towards the “thinking” or “feeling” end of the spectrum. Within your website design and content you can decide on how you wish to approach this. To encourage your visitors to make their decision to use your services/buy your products based on logic you might display your prices to show that you are value for money? Taking an “intuitive” approach instead rather relies on someone making a decision based on emotion. Using images to portray a lifestyle as a selling point can encourage purchases in this way i.e. images of a happy family to portray the thought that your product could create this feeling in your customer's life.


Judging - Perceiving

We all make judgements based on the facts that we are presented with. If you are selling a service, lay out your processes and costs, leaving no questions unanswered to achieve a simple way to help your website visitors make their plans. Leaving gaps in the information on your website will give space for your visitor to improvise and explore other options, moving them away from your website and onto a competitor's. Including processes, payments and enquiry forms as well as simple yet concise information about what you are offering can prevent this from happening.


So, if you watched The Apprentice last night, perhaps the new candidates, their personalities and approaches to tasks might inspire you to rethink your website’s personality or give you examples of how you don't want to portray yourself?


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