Surprising Shortage in Digital Marketers

 Digital Marketing Shortage

You’d think that with the increase of online and digital jobs there would be an oversubscription of applicants to jobs in this sector, however the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) have found differing results, showing a worsening skills shortage in many areas, including that of Digital Marketing.

Before Brexit, it was feared that this would be the case - before the referendum in June 2016, professional recruitment consultant Robert Walters did a poll of 425 hiring managers across the UK and found that 48% of employers had anticipated a skills shortage later on in the year, with 20% believing that these shortages would be made worse if the UK voted to leave the EU, which of course is what has happened. 

Specialist Digital Marketers Demand

The demand for specialist digital marketers with strong content creation, social media, SEM and online community management expertise has significantly increased, with more businesses increasing their digital marketing spend. This has in turn created more jobs in this sector, but with the speed at which this specialism has grown, and with a higher demand for digital marketing professionals this has inevitably led to a skills shortage across the marketing sector.  The limited number of experienced and skilled candidates who are seeking a new job unsurprisingly don’t stay on the market for long.

Skills Shortage in Digital Marketers

The education system and government have been rather slow in their understanding of the impact of digital and the training and education that’s  required to underpin this change in how we do things in this technological age. With a lack of understanding from schools at what a digital career may look like, and the routes to achieve this, a shortage in skilled digital marketers has emerged.

Last year Martha Lane Fox, co-founder of launched her dot.everyone campaign, looking to promote education and understanding around the internet, with an aspiration to make the UK “the most digital nation on the planet”, promoting digital skills for everyone at every level.

In the interim, a solution to counter this skills shortage is to develop these skills from the inside. Distance learning courses, web-based programmes and training may be the solution to upskill existing employees to be able to undertake digital marketing tasks.

The future looks brighter, with the introduction of coding into the National Curriculum, increased knowledge and skills around social media being naturally instilled, a whole new generation of digital marketers will emerge in the next few years. 

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