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The popular return of one of the nation’s favourite BBC shows, Strictly Come Dancing is due to spin its way back onto our screens this month. With so many different styles of dance used on the show, we started to think about the different styles and types of websites we have encountered here at Clever Business Websites and thought for a bit of fun, we would compare them to the different types of dances we might see on Saturday night...


Classically influenced, this style incorporates fundamental techniques with modern influences. When rebuilding Cotswold Financial Planning’s website recently, this was the approach that we took. Taking their existing website, and incorporating all of the elements that had previously worked well, such as the blogs, service pages and team pages, but of course modernising them slightly to make sure they are in line with today's web design styling. Examples of this were the new Meet the Team page and restructure of the Newsletter pages.


Jazz dancing showcases the dancer’s individual style, and this was our approach when we created a new website for Cotswold Active. Energetic and fun, using vibrant colours in keeping with the fun of the vitality brand which it sits behind, we created an individual website that had a good structure, but was distinctive in its design, making it visually pleasing as well as easy to navigate throughout.


Modern dance centres on a dancer’s own interpretations rather than structured steps. 

Our client Argus Global wanted their redesigned website to follow their own unique and differing approach - with no menu bar visible, the website focuses on an easy step-by-step structure to provide intuitive navigation throughout the entire site in a modern and up-to-date design.


Urban street dance is a fusion of various dance forms mixing together. 

VT Accountancy recently had a website redesign The professional nature of the business has been maintained throughout the site, but the fusion of black and white colour pop images gives a different feel to the final design which makes the site stand out against its competitors. 


The Waltz is a dance where a couple turn rhythmically around the dance floor in a structured and formal way.  A similar approach was adopted in the design elements of The Manor Country House Hotel website. The images on the homepage are fluid in movement, with a clear navigation and high quality images and content. It presents itself in a formal yet effective way. 

Paso Doble

The Paso Doble is a lively style of dance, traditionally based around the movement of the Spanish bullfight. TJB Super Yachts  is an inspiring website, with impressive images that visually sell the experiences, charters, villas and events that are on offer at a fantastic selection of destinations around the world, appealing to a high-end market.

We Always Avoid the Foxtrot 

The foxtrot is described as a slow and complex ballroom dance. This is something that you want to avoid when designing a website. A slow to load website, with large images or videos that take a long time to appear will be the quickest way to lose visitors from your website - they won’t stick around to find out anymore.

If you would like advice on which type of dance your website should be performing, Contact us on 01865 989 899 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your requirements.

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