SEO Mistakes We Avoid at CBW


At Clever Business Websites we not only offer fantastic pay monthly websites but are also knowledgeable on Digital Marketing strategies and Search Engine Optimisation. There are many shortcuts that people think will work in making sure your website ranks highly on search engines, but it is important to know what does and doesn’t achieve results. We spend a lot of time with our clients, getting to know their business and what they are hoping to achieve. Only by understanding the business and its competitors can we create a bespoke strategy to achieve search success.  

With constantly changing guidelines around SEO, there are common mistakes that can happen during this process, all of which we avoid...

1. Trying the Same Strategies Over Again

If part of the strategy we have developed for your business is not achieving the results we had hoped for, it is pointless to continue in the same vein. As we always say, SEO is an investment of time as well as money and in this spirit we will always redress the strategy and tweak our approach accordingly. We make sure that we keep up to date with any developments in order to follow the current optimization guidelines.

2. Not Focusing on What’s Really Important

We always look for the challenge and by focusing on keyword research, link-building and back-linking within your website as well as making sure your social media messages are also optimized appropriately, we can more effectively achieve the results that you are striving to achieve, pushing your website up through the rankings and giving you better visibility within your industry or market.

3. Don’t rush the process

Good SEO takes time, but you should be able to see a noticeable difference in six months or less, which is why our minimum contract for SEO is this, so that we can make sure that we have enough time to deliver noticeable results for you.

4. Taking Shortcuts to Improve Rankings

There are some definite “no-gos” when it come to SEO. Shortcuts that try to over-optimize a site can actually lead to penalties. Keyword stuffing, buying backlinks, or any other ingenuine (black hat) attempts to increase the visibility of a site will ultimately hurt it. 

Search engines see bulk bought backlinks as spamming and repeating additional keywords in your content to try to increase your ranking will not work either. We always look to add quality long-tailed keywords which tend to be more relevant for searches which tends to equate to  more conversions, because your site appears for more relevant searches. Quality content and credible links are the way to rank; it is worth remembering that you can’t trick Google!

5. Forgetting That There’s Always More to Learn

At Clever Business Website, our Digital Marketing Experts are aware that search engine  algorithms are constantly changing, meaning that there are always new things to learn. Take for example the algorithm that Google released in April 2015, meaning that websites that were not mobile responsive would be penalised in terms of ranking. This is something that could not be ignored. 

If you are interested in how Digital Marketing and SEO could help improve your website ranking on search engines, our Digital Marketing Executives, Alex and Besnik are here to discuss your requirements with you. Give them a call on 01865 98 98 99 and get clever.

There’s no “get rich quick” method to SEO. Quality improvements to SEO are the only permanent solutions to improving rank, so be sure to produce good content, keep your clients happy, and stay on top of  your industry.

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