Pick and Mix Digital Marketing - Tailored to suit your Business needs

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Getting your business out there, and being in a position to compete with other businesses in busy markets is a crucial objective for any business and can be helped with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which we have explained in previous articles. We can help you to achieve high ranking on Google, for the keywords and key phrases that are popular searches in your business area which is useful and a desirable position to be in. But why should it stop there?

You may also be looking to add onto this campaign with a more tailored approach through online marketing strategies.

We have recently launched our new Online Marketing Pick and Mix packages that encompass some of the key aspects of Online Marketing, and can assist you greatly in marketing your business and consequently gaining new business.

Here we take a look at what our Pick and Mix packages include…

Digital Marketing Strategy

Do you understand which social media channel is best for you business? Do you know what your customers are searching in Google in order to strategize your keywords and content?  Have you applied a RACE (Reach, Act, Convert, Engage) digital marketing framework?  It is important to have an idea on your objectives, then looking into the options and means of achieving those objectives. Know what you are aiming for, then choose which channels you are going to use. 

Social Media

It’s everywhere. More likely than not, you have at least one personal social media account. But do you have a business profile on social media? And if you do, is it portraying your business in the most desirable way. As we have looked at before, social media is a huge platform, and therefore a massive platform of opportunity for you to engage with potential customers. Scheduling regular posts on your social media accounts will keep you in the newsfeeds of your customers - if you have an offer or promotion, a new product, new client etc shout about it on Social media. 

Content writing

At the heart of Google is good, SEO-friendly, relevant and high quality content. As well as needing this in the content of your website, how often do you actually change this content? The answer is probably rarely or never. Google, however likes fresh content, and one great way of achieving this without altering your website content is by adding MORE content in the form of blogs. Regular, fresh content can help your website in terms of ranking, and is also another talking point to share via social media. Informative, helpful tips, the sharing of knowledge and expertise, not only gives you fresh content, but goes a long way in showing people that you know your stuff.

Link-building Directories

Link-building is an SEO technique that is used to acquire external links to your website. It is seen as one of the best methods to achieve highly relevant and targeted traffic. There are so many places to externally link to, that could in turn help increase the page authority of your site. This is more or less your online reputation and is a leading factor that can affect your ranking. Finding directories that are best suited to your business can be time consuming but can be very fruitful.

Email Marketing

What better way to reach out to your customers than through a direct email into their inboxes. It enables you to engage and communicate your messages. Building a email database can take time, but is worth it - it is a privilege to be in someone’s inbox, and this shouldn’t be taken for granted. - fortnightly or monthly newsletters are usually the best way to go so as not to bombard your contacts, yet still reach out with relevant information that they will find appealing.

PPC Campaigns

Paid Online Advertising through Pay-Per-Click campaigns are a popular choice and can involve a variety of channels. It is a way of buying visits to your site rather than earning them organically. One popular channel is Adwords, where in a matter of hours, you can get your company displayed in keywords that you don’t currently appear in, but want to be found for.  There are many tactics involved, and some may be more suitable than others depending on your business.

If you would like to find out more about what we have to offer in terms of Online Marketing, you can have a look at our video, email us or call a member of the team on 01865 989899 who will be happy to chat to you about your requirements, and how we can help you in getting your business where you want it to be.

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