How to Choose a Good Domain Name for your Website

domainWhen creating your new website, an important part of the process is choosing the right domain name. Your brand name and website need to stand hand in hand to create a cohesion of your business.  But how do you choose a good domain name for your website which is effective, making sure not to affect the impact of your SEO?

Let's have a look at a bit of information about domains, what works best and how to incorporate your domain into achieving good search rank.

Up until 2012, Exact-match domains (EMDs) were really popular. You could choose a domain for your business, with words that you wanted to rank for, phone deals becomes and achieve top ranking. Google changed this rule in 2012, so this no longer works, meaning that more intricate and clever SEO and work behind the scenes needs to take place in order to achieve that same ranking.

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