How to find a Website Company with the X Factor

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So, the X Factor has reached the Boot Camp stages on the popular Saturday night ITV show. Budding singers have proved their worth so far, and now have to give that final push to show that they are truly good enough for the live shows.

With such a gruelling schedule ahead of them, the pressure is on as the judges look to put them through their paces to highlight the people who can still perform under a huge amount of pressure. 

In business, when you are looking for a service provider, you may go through a similar process when choosing the right agency for your website requirements.


When looking for an agency that you want to work with, the obvious approach that many take is to visit a handful of companies, based on internet-based searches to initially highlight possible contenders. This will give you the opportunity to meet the people, find out the ethos of the company, how they work and see some examples of their work to basically decide whether they are the type of company you would like to work with, and who you believe could deliver to your specifications. You may have looked at their website, their portfolio and decided that you like the look of what you see, prompting that initial meeting.

Boot Camp

After shortlisting two or three agencies who you feel understand your business, it is time to decide which company is the best fit for you. It may be that the service is similar, but you may be swayed on pricing differences? If you are a start-up business, large set-up payments are often not an option, which may sway your decision to choose to work with a company, (like Clever Business Websites) who offer monthly, affordable prices.

The Six Chair Challenge

Like this stage in the X Factor competition, where the judges choose a number of finalists to work with on the live shows, you may be working with more that one company, with each providing a different offering. For example, you may be sourcing one aspect of your digital needs to one company i.e your website, and other aspects to another i.e. Digital Marketing and SEO. However, like with the X Factor, it is likely that you are looking for that one company that has it all. 

The Finals

At the end of the process, you may reach the decision that your chosen company will “have it all” and have the resources to manage everything from your website, to your digital marketing needs such as social media management, content, PPC, SEO and link building. If you find a company who can provide all of these things, as well as offering a reasonable pricing structure, your life is going to be made a lot easier. 

Having all of these requirements met in one place, means that a business relationship and understanding can develop, where your agency understands your business, your market, your target audience and business strategy enough to create your perfect website, with the tone of voice of your business, as well as knowing which areas you should be targeting in your SEO in order to achieve the targets that you are aiming for.


If you are looking for a company with the X Factor to look after your website and digital marketing requirements, Clever Business Websites can help you.

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