Harnessing the Power of Social Media with the right Content


I was fortunate to attend an event in London yesterday, where Joe Wicks, The Body Coach was the inspirational speaker. His talk was based around how he became a successful fitness and health figure - starting from a small idea, he grew his business and brand almost overnight using social media. With a mission to "rescue people from the awful dieting industry" he has created fitness plans, HIIT workouts and recipes that encapsulate this whole lifestyle, in an accessible and achievable way and has helped over 50,000 clients transform their health and fitness through his fitness and lifestyle programs.

It was really interesting to hear about how he had started by posting short videos and recipes on social media platforms, such as facebook and twitter, to a point where his following has now reached epic proportions on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat.

Joe has changed his whole life and career in the space of three years by harnessing the power of social media. Creating a brand and catchphrase with his “lean in 15” recipe ideas and even creating his own lingo, rebranding broccoli into “midget trees” he has made a huge splash with his first book spent 8 weeks at number 1 and is one of the top 20 best selling cookbooks of all time, selling over half a million copies. With a second book doing just as well, a third being released later this year, a debut Channel 4 TV show aired this summer and a fitness dvd being launched on Boxing Day, it is fascinating that to reach this epic status it has been down to regular and consistent social media messages, that all contain relevant and interesting content.

And of course, these are free resource that we can all access. But one thing that should be considered is actually producing different content for each social platform. What works on Facebook may not work on Twitter. It is important to tailor your messages to each area.

Despite many things in common, each social media platform is slightly different in relation to its audience and voice.


  • Posts should be story driven and newsy, with links to further information. Don’t add the “whole story” onto the post, but provide links to the rest of the content e.g. blog
  • Images and videos will attract more clicks, especially through mobile devices.
  • Videos can easily be uploaded to a Facebook post, and now the is the option of live feeds where you can stream a video live onto your Facebook account. This is a great thing to utilise if you are trying to create excitement around an event or engage more with your audience.


  • By nature, Twitter only provides a limited amount of characters to get your message across. 
  • Short, snappy messages work best
  • Add a clear call to action and a short link for more information
  • Using popular hashtags can also help in driving traffic


  • B2B companies will find this platform the most useful and valuable
  • Post industry relevant articles
  • Publish your own industry relevant articles
  • Connect with industry relevant groups, which can lead to engagement in conversations.


This may not be useful to everyone, but some businesses may be able to use it to their advantage.

Adding snapchat videos and images throughout the day creates your day’s story. Each “snap” only lasts for 10 seconds, so has a expiration unlike other posts on other platforms.

  • Storytelling - use brief content with the most important messages
  • Product teases and launches can use this platform to engage excitement and interest about a new product or offer
  • Events can be streamed from live


Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes, but if we can take something from Joe Wick’s story, it is that tenacity and persistence can really pay off. Investing time in a good social media strategy can actually achieve greater things than we can imagine. Never underestimate the power of social media.

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