Competing in the Business Website Olympics

Business Website Olympics

Creating the best Business Websites in a Clever way

With the 2016 Olympics beginning on 5th August in Rio, chat in the office came onto a comparison about how the process of creating a meaningful, successful business website can be likened to competing in the Olympic games.

To illustrate this, we will look at the 5 Olympic Rings as

  1. Qualify
  2. Speed
  3. Accuracy
  4. Tools
  5. Pitfalls…

1. Your Business Website needs to Qualify to compete
So, not just any athlete can compete in the Olympics, and this is also true of business websites. First, you will need to qualify! To do this you need to make sure that your site is not only well-built, aesthetically pleasing, functional, and contains unique content but that it also has focused keywords and phrases that will enable you to compete with your competitors.

2. Need for Speed
If you are going to succeed as a competitor or athlete in your Olympic sport you will need to be speedy to beat the rest. If your business website is going to stand a chance of winning in the website olympics, it will also need to be speedy. We don’t have much patience for websites that take forever to load. Make sure that your images are compressed to enable a faster load time, especially for image intensive sites. The same can be said of videos - making sure that they also load in a reasonable amount of time is paramount.

3. Be accurate in your approach
As an Olympian you will need to be accurate in your approach to training, diet and lifestyle to give you the best chance of winning that Gold Medal! In the world of websites, if your content is not accurate you might not show your abilities. If you have many spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes and content that is unnecessary, people visiting your site are likely not to rate you as highly as your competitor, whose website reads better and is more accurate and to the point.

4. Make sure your tools and equipment are up to the job
So, you wouldn’t compete in a triathlon without having the right equipment and training gear to do so. The same applies to your business website. You will be unable to successfully compete if your website does not have the right design, content, images or contact forms to drive customers to get in touch with you. Digital Marketing tools can also assist in getting your website ranking highly on google, meaning that potential customers have a better chance of finding you! Content updates, blogs, useful information and resources are also your opportunity to show customers that you are up to the job.

5. Avoid the Pitfalls
We hear about doping scandals all the time in sports, where athletes use performancing-enhancing tactics to strengthen their performance, improving their chances of winning. However, when athletes are found to have been involved in PEDs they are disqualified and in business websites there are also some pitfalls to avoid which could also result in penalisation. Bulk bought backlinks, repeating additional keywords, keyword stuffing and duplicated content can all damage your website. Another pitfall to consider is whether your website is responsive with mobile devices, as this could affect your google ranking also if it is not mobile optimised.

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